Adventure Island

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, or better yet, grew up here, you will be a fan of Adventure Island.  It’s a waterpark.  It’s filled with fun things for kids of all ages, but the best part?  It’s tripled in size from when I was a kid, and back then I thought it was amazing, so I could only imagine what my kids would think of it now.

Howie had his 4th birthday on Wednesday and my brother and Sister in Law decided Adventure Island would be the place to celebrate his birth-day.  So we went too.  Why?  Because we’re cool like that.  And we love Howie, and wanted him to have his favorite Tampa cousins with him. 

So I packed the boys up and we headed to the wonderful adventure park of WATER!!!!  I wish I had my camera.  But you know, water and cameras don’t mix well.  And with Ethan on my side, I probably would come home to a broken camera 😦

Let me just say this…Ashton is AMAZING!  I have to brag.  Like, seriously.  Brag.  I get bragging rights.  He is awesome.  At 4 1/2 years old, I’m raising a FISH.  Not a boy.  A freaking FISH!  He rocks the pool.  Ms. Agatha had met us at Adventure Island and branched off with her kids someplace.  And Joey and Dana wanted to have a little lunch with Howie, so I brought Ashton and Ethan to the pool.  There are two slides that end mid air and a cliff.  I pointed Ashton over to the slides and said, “Go for it.”  He did, and LOVED IT.  So after once or twice down the slide I pulled him back and said, “Ashton, Mommy used to love jumping off the cliff.  Go try it.”  He looked at me and said, “Is it scary?”  Being the normal scared Ashton, I lied.  NO, Ashton.  Not at all.  LOL.

He climbs up those stairs, gets to the top.  Waits for the green light.  Jumps right in, and comes back up with the BIGGEST smile, EVER.  I quickly gave him props!  I was proud!  VERY PROUD!  I believe everyone around us could tell how proud this Mama was.  He does this again and again and again.  Finally after about turn number 10, there is a group of 18-20 yo’s just looking over the edge.  Not jumping.  Ashton is being patient, and waiting his turn.  Only, Mommy, isn’t patient.  I notice these kids NOT going and not telling my baby to go.  What gives?

So I yell, “Ashton, say excuse me, and GO!”  He does.  Mr. Manners and all 😉  So he jumps.  You should have seen these teenagers faces.  They dropped to the floor.  I’m serious.  VERY serious.  Think it made them go?  Nope.  He quickly returned to the cliff, only to walk right in front of them and jump right off.  Man, I was super proud!  By the way, have I mentioned this cliff is 20ft off the ground?  Umm, yes.  Yes. It. Is.  Into 10ft of water!  WTG AT!!!!

So then we find Ms. Agatha and my brother.  I had to show them.  I couldn’t believe my very own eyes.  He does it all proud, so darn cute.  And acts like it’s no sweat.  Then we go over to some other slides.  Slides Mommy can bring Ethan on and Ashton can go alone.  Too cool.  Only, I hurt my tailbone.  So Ashton went back up with Ms. Agatha and my brother, and I waited at the bottom.  No biggy.  He’s a big shot now.  Not a scared bone in his body.

Well the rest of the day pretty much consisted of the smaller kid areas.  So Ethan could enjoy himself as well.  Ashton didn’t really care for the baby parts of AI, but you know what?  Sometimes you have to do those things.  He sucked it up, pouted, but had a good time.

Last night I called pretty much everyone in our family to tell them about the amazing little boy I’m raising.  He seriously gets this swimming stuff from his Mama.  Did you know I was swimming alone in our neighbors pool at 2yo?  Yeah!  I rocked it.  Janet and Dick were the BEST neighbors ever.  But even more?  They LOVED little girls.  Ummm, or maybe just ME!  hehehe!  Janet, Dick, if you happen to read this…you are amazing.  I owe all my fish blood to YOU!

So after calling my Dad and telling him all about it, I got so excited I just had to take Ashton back again.  Like, TODAY!  And that is exactly what I did.  Last night Ashton spent the night with Grandma and Papa R and I picked him up at Panera Bread.  He didn’t know I was coming.  It was a secret.  Better yet, or date was a secret.  So I put him in the car and said, “Ashton, we’re on a date, and I’m not telling you where I’m taking you.”  Well that kills him.  He had to know.  So I gave him a few guess, beach was one….and when I finally said AI, he SQUEALED!

I told him it was his day.  Whatever he wanted to do.  So you know what?  All baby places were off limits.  We rode the slides together, I watched him jump off the cliff and the slides that landed mid-air, and finally we went over to the BIG kid rides!  This is where he really impressed me.  I carried a double seater tube all the way up about 10 flights of stairs, get to the top, and we both jump in.  Down we went.  FAST.  Guess what?  He LOVED it.  Only, that was a bit hard for me.  Climbing those stairs with a tube and very pregnant, I had to limit it to one more time.  I felt horrible to tell him that, but seriously, I was winded.  So he understood.  He would never want to hurt his brother 😉

Then we walked by a few more rides that the rider must be 48″.  That really seems silly to me.  Especially when you end on SLIDE, not deep in water.  But you know, rules aren’t made to be broken, and safety is my #1 concern, so I obeyed.  And so did Ashton.

Then we found the Everglades.  I was super scared of this as a young girl.  A mat goes up to the top and you pick the mat up, put it on your slide and you sit on it, hold on, and it drops you down.  FAST.  Once you get past the “idea” its awesome.  I remember loving it.  So Ashton, Mr. Calm as a Cucumber, walks right up.  Does it 3x.  LOVES it.  Now Mommy has to get her camera to show Daddy, and all of you.  Only, the Life Guards changed spots and the new one said he was a hair too short.  Oh man, this broke his heart.  He was at the top and had to walk all the way back down.  Alone.  I was waiting at the bottom 😦  As soon as he got to me, the tears let loose.  Poor baby.  But really, the rules are 42″ and he’s like 41 1/2″.  Bad thing?  Most rides are 42″.  Disney is the same way.  We hold our breath as he gets measured. I can’t really argue, but his Pedi does say he’s 42…so what’s up?  Oh well.  No sense in arguing, right?  I told him, STAND UP STRAIGHT.  LOL.

So ok, I didn’t get the Everglades on video.  We actually had to leave right after this happened because it started to thunder and I didn’t want to get trapped at AI.  So we called it a day.  We’ll be back on Wednesday with Agatha, Maier, and Melania, so he can have fun then.

But….I did get a video of the cliff jumping.  Here you go!!!!



  1. Brooke said,

    May 28, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    Proud and bragging rights allowed, mama!!! Way to go AT:)

  2. May 29, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    go A!

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