Last day of EC 3/4!

Ashton had the pleasure of being in school for the first time, this year.  Early Childhood for 3-4 year olds, to be exact.  Very similar to pre-school, but they call it Early Childhood in the Catholic Education system.  I happen to be super keen on private education.  Maybe because my husband is the most awesome private school Principal EVER, or maybe because I always wanted to go to private school myself, or maybe it’s just because Ashton has done exceptionally well in this school?

Ok, so it’s a combination of all of them. 

So today marked the end of school for Ashton.  This year he was in a mixed class.  I liked this situation much more than just being with 3 year olds since he is actually an older 3yo.  He turned 4, 2mths after school started.  But the state law is, child must be 4 before September 1st.  Which he was not.  Bummer.  But because he was with the 4yo’s, he had the opportunity to learn with them.  Which he did.  His report card (if that’s what you call it) proves that he has been learning much more than the 3yo’s and is much more on target with the 4yo’s.  Actually, he’s pretty bright 😉  He makes us very proud.

This morning Ashton woke up just as I was done getting dressed.  I said to him, “Today is your LAST day of school with Ms. Denise!”  He was so excited and then said, “So tomorrow I’m in Ms. Deanna’s class?”  Well son, Ms. Deanna will be your teacher NEXT fall, but for now, I think she’d prefer you stay at home for the rest of the summer and come back and see her next school year.  LOL.

I dropped Ashton off as usual today, only Uncle Joey pulled in right behind us.  This was a special treat, since he has been deployed for 4mths and just returned home yesterday.  Ashton was super excited to see him, Ethan, not so much.  It’s sad how quickly they forget at his young age.  But if Joey has to go away again, hopefully it will be once Ethan has a much better memory and he doesn’t forget who his Uncle is.  Secretly, I hope he is NEVER deployed again.  Maybe President Obama can help me with that one…but I’m not holding my breath.

So we dropped AT off and hit the gym.  Mommy got another great workout in for the week and then we went back to school for the end of the year birthday celebration!  Ms. Denise and Ms. Lindsay have been NOTHING short of fabulous teachers.  We were very fortunate to have the two of them love and care for each of our children on a daily basis.  Since I was a homeroom Mom, along with Ms. Agatha (Ashton’s very good friend, Maier’s Mommy), we brainstormed and came up with a basket idea for Ms. Denise’s birthday gift.  Filled with things for HER.  Ashton and Ethan gave her a towel robe with a hair towel.  Ms. Agatha gave her some yummy candles, and all the other Mommy’s gave her some pretty nice items.  Then on top of it, most of the parents chipped in to give both Denise and Lindsay end of the year gift cards!  We gave Ms. Denise $100 to Macaroni Grill Restaurants and $50 to the movies!!!  Date nights!!!  Ms. Lindsay got the same, but we did $75 and $25. 

While Ms. Denise accepted all of her lovely presents from each of the children, she called them each up to give them a BIG hug.  Not leaving out the classroom mascot, Ethan!  It was so cute, I actually teared up.  It’s so bittersweet.

Ok….so I have to admit, I’m STOKED about this summer.  Not sure why.  Being 6.5mths pregnant, in the heat, really doesn’t sound appealing to most.  But I have to say, I’m EXCITED to spend time with my little boys.  We will be busy…just look.

Next week:

Monday, playdate at the pool with friends, Wednesday Howie’s birthday at Adventure Island, Saturday a twin birthday party, Sunday going to Mr. Steve and Ms. Kelli’s for a waterslide/Memorial Day party (sleeping over).

The next week, back to the doctor for the baby, another day at Adventure Island and maybe some fun at the YMCA water area.

The following week is our Family Vacation with 2 other families from school.  Ashton will be so excited when he finds out about this!!!

The next week is VBS.

The next week is 4th of July weekend…we usually go to our friends for a parade and bbq.

Next week is back to our church’s VBS.

Next week is Daddy’s last vacation before going back to work…PREP time for the baby!

Next week is last week of July…better stay in the water.

Then AUGUST…and you know what AUGUST is…it’s BABY MONTH!  And Ashton starts school on the 20th.  GESH! 

***So all of that sounds like fun right?  Now EACH week add in 2 Physical Therapy appts for me, 2 Chiro appts for me, and OB appts for the baby in my belly.  Don’t forget the YMCA.  I need to keep working out to keep the weight down, LOL.   And then on top of it, doctor appointments for my kids, because you know going to fun places brings on sickies!***

Now that is ONE busy summer.  I just can’t wait for the good times to start rolling.  And it all begins tomorrow morning with a little blueberry picking and then our friends birthday party at the pool!!!!


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