Getting prepared….

for the worst.

Ethan fell yesterday morning going down a slide, onto tile (indoor slide).  He barely bit his lip, but of course, he cuddled on me and sucked his thumb until he felt better.  Shortly after falling off the slide we left our friends house and went to the chiropractor for my back.  Ethan played with the little boy at the office and then we picked up Ashton from school. 

When we got home, Ethan had some pizza, more like dough with pizza sauce on it…very soft, and didn’t seem bothered.  I put him down for a nap and he sucked his thumb and had no issues.  This lasted about 2 1/2hrs.  He woke up, fine.  Playing with his brother and even had some Teddy Grahams.  I made dinner, a nacho bake, which he mostly ate just the filling and no chips.  Again, we didn’t notice anything funny.

Daddy took the boys to the pool for about 30mins and when he came home he found me laying in our bed, my back is killing me, still.  He wanted to snuggle and who could say no to that cute little boy?

I pick him up and he lays in my arms and looks up at me with those pearly whites.  Only it looks like he has something between his front two teeth.  Unsure of what it is, I told him to come closer so I could get it out.  I put my fingers in his mouth and what do you know, the tooth is loose.  Not only is it loose, but a 1/4 of the tooth his cracked all the way up to the gum line.  SERIOUSLY!  I freaked.  Ethan’s smile is gorgeous!!!  Simply gorgeous.  I can’t imagine that ever changing.  My Dad always tells him to smile because his teeth are just so pretty!!!! 

Well after freaking out, we called the dentist.  He told us to bring him in right away today, 8:30am is our appointment time.  I’m a bit nervous, as any Mother would be.  I did talk to a good friend last night and she informed me that she worked for a Pediatric Dentist for 13yrs and her doctor would have pulled it, fear of it becoming absessed.  Now that can become VERY dangerous. 

I hate that idea.  I hate the though of him not having a front tooth until God only knows when.  Kids don’t get their big teeth until like 6-8yrs old, right?  So he just turned 2.  Is he not going to have a tooth for 4-6yrs?  MY GOD!!!!!  That will break my heart.

I’m sure this will bother ME more than it will ever phase him.  But I’m just so sad.  I feel like I should have done something to prevent this from happening.  But the truth is, there is nothing I could have done differently. He’s a boy.  He’s gonna play.  And at least ONCE a week he falls and busts his lip open.  So it was probably only a matter of time until his tooth broke.  He probably loosen it/began cracking it long before yesterday. 

So I took this picture of his gorgeous smile last night after discovering the damage.  You really can’t see the crack because he is pushing it back into place. 


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