Pregnancy Woe’s….

Well I haven’t been on my blog lately, want to know why?

My back hurts.  And believe it or not, my hips are what is causing my pain.  But even worse?  It’s the way I sit.  I love to sit on the sofa with my left leg tucked under my right cheek.  Apparently, this is not good when your are pregnant, and probably never, for that matter. 

So I went to the Chiropractor and she corrected my problem.  I went back a week later (on Monday of this week) and now my hips are out of alignment.  I believe she has since corrected that problem as well.  It also helps that my fantastic husband bought me a massage, which turned into 2 massages, and this second massage, which was last night, really did the trick.

SCORE for a massage.  Oh, and that fantastic man I call my husband, also rubs my back every night.  Why?  Because he loves me.  Sometimes I wonder why.  Especially when I’m having an off day, but then I remember, because he only see’s the awesome chick he married in me.  HA!

New problem arose today, or should I say, dropped today?  My breasts. Why do women get ginormous breasts during pregnancy?  Why?  Seriously.  There is no milk in them.  I’m not feeding a baby, nor will I most likely..that usually doesn’t work for me, so what’s the need?  I don’t need to topple over.  I already have a HUGE belly for that.  But now, they hurt?  This is NO FUN!  No fun. 

So it made me think of Heidi Montag.  To think, she wants to PAY for H’s.  Sure, I’d love to pay for a nice set of C’s that won’t fall to the ground, but H’s?  Seriously?  H’s.  Does she have a brain left or has the doctor sucked that out of her when he charged her for lipo that she clearly NEVER needed in the first place.  I often wonder, if she thinks she looked that bad before her 10+ surgeries, what in the world would she have thought of ME if I ever walked by her?  She’d be screaming, GET A DOCTOR, FATTY! 

Anyways.  Pregnancy is beautiful.  I do this all because I WANT KIDS.  I WANTED ANOTHER CHILD OR CHILDREN.  So I shouldn’t complain.  But when I do complain, please say you feel for me.  Because, it sucks.  And my husband has no understanding of what it’s like to have boobies.  And neither do my children.  And never will, since all I birth is boys. 

So girls with large boobies out there, who aren’t pregnant, raise your glasses tonight on Cinco de Mayo, while I’m sore and sober, and say, “Here’s to you Mama!”


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