So strange…

As a child, I thought most families were made up of a Mom, Dad, and a brother and sister.  Never, in a million years did I believe I’d have a son and then another son.  Then another….oh and remember, that 2nd son was part of 2. 

Most of my friends had a brother and a sister.  With the exception of the 2 Lisa friends I had, who both had younger sisters.  And another childhood friend who was a girl and had an older sister. 

But now, as an adult, let me list this out…..

Families with ONLY boys: (10 people…one set of identical twin boys another set twin boys)

ME!!!, Heather, Chris, Sonya, Tracy (who found out today she is having baby boy #2), Brooke, Kristine, Jen, Lindsay, Carri

Families with ONLY girls: (7 people)

April, Jamie (who found out she is having baby girl #2, today!), Lizzie, Sara, Dasha, Becky, LaShawn

Families with combos: (14 people….5 of which ONLY had one of each because of the TWINS they also had, ONE, Twin Mommy had identical girls but boys before!)

Colleen, Maritza, Lisa, Monique, Kimmie, Stacey, Lindsay, Tekla, Erin, Sherilyn, Kerrin, Jenny, Renea, Kerri, Agatha

So you see, if you are currently pregnant, or looking to get pregnant, your chances of having one of each are about 50%.  After you have ONE baby, your chances of having that same sex seems to be about 75% and 25% opposite sex.  Maybe I’m wrong on this calculation, but man, it sure seems like many families are having ALL the same sex kids these days?  Let’s blame it on the milk hormones.  LOL.

My husband comes from a family with 5 kids.  He, being the youngest.  His sister is the oldest, then he has 3 other brothers.  This is there kid count:

Sister, 2 boys…then a girl

Oldest brother, 2 girls…then a boy

Middle brother, 1 girl and one boy

next brother, twin fraternal boys…then a girl

my husband, a son, then IDENTICAL son’s, and lastly, another son on the way.

Now this family could NOT have been any better unless his mother had ONE more baby and that family had ALL girls.  LOL.  Seriously.  Look at that.  We have everything but a family of all girls.  Gesh. 

Funny how things work. 

Last night at dinner a woman asked me when I was due.  I told her August which quickly made her ask what we were having.  A boy!  She was delighted to hear that.  Apparently she too has 3 boys (older), and said the world is a greater place because of them.  I believe the worse line to hear is, “it’s so much easier with just boys.”  Which was her next statement.  Seriously, how would she know?  She’s only had BOYS!  Not to mention, if we were blessed with a girl, I’d take all the girl drama any day.  I can’t say my little boys aren’t drama free, because, by far, they are FULL of drama.  Hopefully not to the extreme of what teenage girls are…HA!

Either way, children are a blessing.  I’m blessed to have my 3 boys and another little boy waiting in heaven for his Mommy to one day snuggle him tight and NEVER let go.  Love you, Q.


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