My 3 Son’s….

I’m having a BOY!

I’m having a BOY!!!

I’m having a BOY!!!!!!!

OH BOY!!!  I’m stoked.  3 boys!  I’m finally getting out there and figuring out that I need to shower this little boy with lots of new things.  I’ve bought a few new onesies, and I’ve looked at his future carseat and this weekend, I’ll be buying his new diaper bag.  Ok, so the diaper bag is really all for me, but you get the idea.

I’m excited!!!  I’m having a boy, and our boys will all be the BEST of FRIENDS.  I hope they are close all throughout their lives.  I hope God keeps them close, even through miles apart, and I hope EACH of them enjoys one anothers company more than anything else in the world.

Life won’t be boring with 3 boys.  It will be fun with excitment and crazy times.  I’m looking forward to each and every moment.  Now if I could learn to love sports.  Well, I know that will be easy to do with one of our handsome men out there playing!

Much love,

A Mommy, of 3 SON’s!!!!!


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