Potty Training….continues

Oh man, I believe I forgot all about updating on potty training.  Oops!

We are still in full force.  It’s taken Ethan a little longer than I expected after day 2.  But with day 3 set backs, I had that sneaky suspecision.  Oh well.  It’s ok.  He is doing well.  We ran 4 errands today and he went in the big potty 2 times in the 2 1/2 hours we were gone.  He continues to have small accidents in a pull up, but while at home, no accidents.  However, he doesn’t tell us he needs to go, so when we are out, we put him in a pull up to help eliminate embarrassing moments.  Maybe that isn’t the right thing to do, maybe if he tinkled himself in public, maybe it would make him tell us?  But I’m not certain.  I believe he just can’t verbalize it to us in enough time 😦

Either way, we’re diaper free for a week.  I’m good with that.  Tomorrow we’re going to Busch Gardens, but we’ll only be there for about 3 1/2 hours.  Howie is coming with us and has something to do at 1:45pm, so we’ll be home in the early afternoon.  Which is probably a good thing. 

Easter was FANTASTIC!!!  Minus the HUGE headache that I had from this darn pollen in the air.  It’s terrible right now.  TERRIBLE.  I was in such pain come 6pm, I just went in bed to lay down for a bit.  Come 7pm, I couldn’t open my eyes.  Not even if I wanted.  I woke up at 1am and still in my clothes.  Fully clothed from head to toe.  I went potty and went back to bed till 8am!  That is 14hours of sleep.  Finally, I woke up feeling 1/2 way human.

Now, today.  At about 5:30pm I was out running a few errands when my husband texted me saying, “I’m sick, hurry home.”  He is supposed to play golf tomorrow and I can promise you, if this turns into Strep he will NOT be going anywhere except the doctor.  I REFUSE to get that again.  I felt absolutely horrible and he better listen to his body.  But I know him oh too well, and I bet money, he’ll tell me he’s fine, play golf, and come home SICK.  Then complain all over again.  Oh lord, will I be MAD.  LOL.

Ok, better go get ready for Busch Gardens.  Gesh, 8am to LEAVE, comes early in the morning!!!


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