Potty Training: Day Three

pretty much, sucked.  To sum it up in one word.  LOL.

I recall something like this happening to Ashton.  I really ought to bust out that Word doc and read it.  If anything, it will remind me that I CAN DO THIS.

We started the day off perfect.  Drove Ashton to school in under-roo’s without an accident.  Even got home without an accident.  A few pee’s later, I decided it was time to venture to Target.  I knew exactly what I needed so it was just a matter of grab and going.  Well I had HIGH expectations, after all, he had just went potty before we left the house.  So we pull into our rock-star parking (front spot), I jump out of the car, excited to start this mission WITHOUT AN EXTRA CHANGE OF CLOTHES (because I ran out the door in excitement), and what do I see?  Wet pants.  LOL.

I decided, it’s not the end of the world for me to save my money for one more day.  Seriously.  Target gets too much of our money as it is, just ask the husband who pays the bill.  I put him on the portable potty in the car, and nothing.  I knew he still had it in him, since he barely went in his clothes.  It wasn’t even enough to wet the carseat, THANK HEAVENS!  Those Britax seats are no easy changings 😉  But I’m pretty much a master, since Ashton’s has had his fair shares of accidents after falling asleep in the seat. 

So anyways, he stayed dry the rest of the morning, but then when we went to pick up Ashton at school, he had another sprinkle in his pant.  Now you can see the look on my face was becoming discouraged…but I pushed through it.  Guess the past 2 days were a fluke.  It’s ok.  We’ll get through it, I know it.

After naptime, he woke up ready to take on potty training again.  He didn’t run off to the potty with enthusiasm, but he went.  He tried.  He sprinkled.  Now to get him to let his bladder drain.  That I can’t help him with, he needs to learn this part on his own and stop, stopping his pee 1/3 way through.  Before bed, while running around in under-roo’s, he finally went poop.  Only, in his under-roo’s. 

Ok, better luck tomorrow.  Which happens to be today.  I became VERY sick last night.  After hearing about our horrible pollen count, I’m hoping that is all it is and praying my sinus’ don’t start acting up again today, any worse.  UGH.

So it’s 8:35am, no pee’s in the potty, but no accidents.  I’m certain my boys both pee in their diapers before they wake up to get me, so this doesn’t surprise me.  It will come, soon enough.  We all slept in today.



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