Potty Training: Day Four

And today we were back on track.  As they say, one step forward, two steps back, right?

We woke up and it took E about an hour to 90mins to finally potty.  But he did it.  And without an accident.  We stayed home all morning long.  Ashton went with Dad to run a few much needed errands while Mommy cleaned out all the kids toys.  And when I say, ALL, I mean, ALL.  Ashton will be surprised to learn that a few items have gone missing.  We’ll be sure to tell him to keep looking.

Anyways, Ethan played with his choo-choo tracks while Mommy cleaned.  We went back to square one and setting the timer to go off.  15mins if he didn’t potty previous time, and 30 if he did go.  He did perfect.  When I finally made it into Ashton’s room to clean, I heard poopy, but it was when he was already in the bathroom, running to find me.  Yes, he pooped.  Only it was literally 1 inch from the potty.  So he probably backed up to sit down, and out it came.  EEW!  I know.  Sorry.  But want to know what’s even more gross?  About 10mins before that, I found him in the big potty, DRINKING THE WATER.  Yes.  He did that.  And yes, I caught him.  And he even told me “mmmm, Mommy!”  Nice son.  Very nice.  Maybe that’s why your kisses are extra sweet?  Good thing it was clean water.  Well, as  clean as a toliet can be, right?  Eewww.

Ok, so he took a nap right after the poop.  And woke up 90mins later.  Short nap.  Probably because he heard Ashton.  But that’s ok.  He woke up and was DRY!  Now, this I’m certain, was a fluke.  But it happened.  YEAH!  Go Ethan!!!!  We began setting the timer again and he kept going on the potty without accidents prior.

We decided it was too beautiful a day to stay home and ventured out to Apollo Beach for dinner and a little play time in the sand.  Now this is where I got nervous.  Back in the car, oh my.  But, he was dry!  We arrived and he promptly went potty.  Had about a 45-55min dinner and still dry, and went potty.  Then we went out to the beach and played for 30mins and when we returned, went potty!  So yes, we’re proud.

When we got home from the beach, his pull up was a bit wet 😦  Sad since he had just did a LOT off pee in the potty as we left the beach.  But we get it, it happens.

Since getting home, 30mins ago, he has done 2 sprinkles.  Nothing exciting.  But it was in the POTTY.  And after all, that’s what counts.

So I’d say, Day Four, was a SUCCESS!!!!


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