Potty Training Ethan: Day One

And what a COMPLETE successful day it was 😉

I could honestly not be any happier with the smallest member of the family. 

After dropping off AT at school, we quickly arrived back home at 8am and put on our first pair of dry under-roos.  They didn’t stay dry long, and at the smallest amount of pee-pee, he said, “Mama, ut oh, poo-poo.”  We ran off to the potty where we stayed for the next 45mins.  Reading every book I had brought into the potty room.  We stayed naked the rest of the day (minus naptime and car riding). 

After 45mins, Mom was tired of sitting and decided it was time for juice cup number 2.  We walked into the kitchen and before I could even pour his apple juice, he pee’d on the floor.  Not a lot, but enough for about 2 paper towels.  We ran off to the potty.  I knew he had more in him.  We stayed for 5mins and nothing.  We came back to the kitchen where I finished pouring and out came another few squirts of pee.  Thankfully, it was just a VERY small amount.  Ran to the potty, since he cut it off while screaming, “Ut Oh Mama, poo-poo!”  And proceeded to fill the potty.  I was so proud.

We come into the living room and within 5mins, another dribble comes out and he screams, you guessed it, “ut oh Mama, poo-poo!”  And he ran off to the potty.  Pee’d a little, we came out, and 5mins later, said “Mommy!!!!  Poo-poo!”  No dribbling this time and ran off to the potty, again!

Sometime goes by and he tells me again, poo-poo, he sits down, and as I’m texting Grandma and Popi and Daddy all the wonderful news, here comes some poo-poo.  Not much.  Nothing to call a real poop, especially for him.  But a little was there, and I praised him. 

The rest of the morning, there were NO accidents on my floor, just running off to the potty, on his own, and going potty like a big boy.  I did start the morning with the timer, but he isn’t much of a timer kinda guy and that stopped by 10am.  Ashton liked the timer, E, not so much.

We had to pick Ashton up from school at noon, so at 11:40am I put a pull up on him and he was asleep by the time I was out of our neighborhood.  I figured a pee would happen but I woke him up when we got to school anyways, just to try, but no luck.  He had a small sprinkle in his pull up that turned into a little more by the time we were home.  He didn’t tell me he had to go 😦

At 12:30pm he went down for a nap and woke up around 3:50pm.  He didn’t use potty until 4:30pm but it was he who told me he had to go, and ran without leaving anything on my floor.  YEAH!

The rest of the night went the same way.  He did a big pee-pee outside on the porch with Daddy while he was grilling and then again before bath and bed.  After he was put down for bed he even woke up 2x to do more pee-pee’s.  Not much, but a bit.

Hip Hip Hooray!  Sure, this isn’t even close to being potty trained, but it sure is going much better than I expected since he doesn’t communicate the same as Ashton.  But heck, poo-poo is ok to say.  We’ll get there!!!!

YEAH!!!  Big boy, I’m PROUD of you!!!


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