The Farm…..

Having a rotten day 😦  So I’m going to put my personal feelings aside right now, and try and remember a happy time, the FARM!

Ashton’s class was learning about the letter “Ff” all week.  His teacher thought it would be perfect to go to the FARM on “Ff” week.  Only, the first week we had the worst rain day of the year.  It was horrible.  So we cancelled and rescheduled for last Friday.

The kids were excited.  Especially Ashton.  I believe this kido just might be a “FARMER” at heart.  If it has to do with animals, it’s for Ashton.  All him.  Well, Mommy was sick.  Very sick, on Wednesday and Thursday.  But I pulled it together with a little help from the doctor and his miracle prescription, the Z-Pack, and I was much better by Friday morning.  Just in time for the FARM.

Popi was scheduled to watch Ethan.  But poor Ethan.  He had been couped up in this house since Tuesday since Mommy was so ill.  Thankfully, Popi thought it would be more fun to join us then to  stay at home trying to entertain Ethan, and we all went 😉

This was the best photo I have of both boys where another child in the classes face isn’t shown.  If I don’t have parent permission, I don’t think it would be right to subject their child to my blog for the world to see 😉

Here is Ethan touching the pony with Popi.  I’m not sure which of them had more fun, Popi or Ethan?

Next up was Ashton’s turn.

Ethan was scared of NOTHING.  Nothing.  Amazing how if a person comes up to him, whom he doesn’t quit know he’ll run to me.  But an animal?  Nope.

This next photo is for Grandma Debbie.  She LOVES pigs.  Loves them.  And baby pigs?  OMG.  Look close in this photo, see if you know which one is NOT a piggy.


If you guessed the one on the left you are correct.  It’s a bunny 😉 

Here’s a great photo I was able to sneak of Popi and Ethan.  Popi loves hanging out with his grandchildren.  They sure are lucky to have him 😉

Here are the super cute bunnies we got to play with.

I love bunnies.  And one day, I’d LOVE to have one running around in our backyard, as our family pet.  But I’m pretty sure my husband would disown me before allowing that to ever happen.

Then I really started digging this whole Farm experience.  I was even thinking of how in the world I can get my kids there for summer camp.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  I know my boys would LOVE it.  I did look into it, but you have to be 5yo to come play 😦  What a bummer.  But they do have birthday parties, so maybe, just maybe, we’ll take a peak at that come October.

All the kids were separated into groups.  Ashton’s group was playing in the petting area with the baby animals while Popi and Ethan wondered off.  Popi then turns to me and says, “Mom, Ethan wants to ride the pony.  Is that ok?”  Why certainly.  As long as Popi is there to catch him should he fall or freak out. 

From the look on his face can you tell what happened next?  No freak-outs and NO falling off.  This makes Mama very happy, and Ethan happy too, from the looks of it.

Yes, Maier is on the left.  His Mama says it’s ok.  But then there’s Ashton and Popi.  Gearing up for riding time.  I think both of my boys could have rode those horses all day long.

Then our family rode the donkey.  If Daddy could have seen me then.  HA!!!  He would never have believed me if it wasn’t for this photo.  I’m not exactly the donkey kind of girl.


Next the WHOLE class went on a hayride together.  Even Ethan was invited.  I had to sneak a photo opportunity with the smallest “R.” 

We were allowed to feed the horses some hay from our buckets.  Check out the beautiful horses.

Brothers pretty much do everything together.  And this is the BEST part about being a Mom to 2 little boys.  The relationship these two kids have is priceless.  It melts my heart every time I hear them play together.  It’s what I live for.

So long farm.  We sure hope to come back and visit again, real soon 😉


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  1. colleen said,

    March 24, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    Looks like it was a FAB time!! Hope you’re feeling chippier (I think I just made that word up!) super soon =)

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