The Farm…but first….

I’m about to LOSE my mind.

Daddy has been gone since Sunday.  Nobody ever said I was a woman meant to be a *single Mommy.*  In fact, I wouldn’t wish that title on my worst enemy.  Nope.  Never.

For the most part, our boys are great.  That is until 4pm.  Something happens at 4pm.  Please, don’t call me at 4pm, it is the absolute worst time of the day to call me.  And if you do, I’ll probably stop you a few times mid-sentence to scream at one of them.  This is only after I’ve screamed at my terrible 2yo all day long. 

What did the 2yo do today?  Crawled on the playground equiptment.  The DIRTY playground.  Yes.  For 45mins solid, I noticed he STOOD on his 2 feet, that God so graciously gave to him, ONE TIME!  My poor friend Laurie.  I was at her park with her and her children, screaming at my 2yo the entire time.  Yes.  The.  Whole.  Time.  BLAH!!!

Thankfully, Laurie’s understanding.  And has a 2yo.  Only her 2yo, is well-behaved.  LOL

Ethan’s going to get the best of me.  I just know it.  I’m going to lose my mind with that cute little snuggle bug, and he’s going to kiss me the moment after I yell at him, but he’ll still get the best of me.

By the way, I barely picked Evan up today.  I had him in my arms for 5seconds when Ethan noticed and instantly cried.  Please Dear Lord, tell me, when I have this next baby in 5 months, Ethan will have broken away from the constant Mommy attachment?  PLEASE?  I love his cuddles.  They are the best.  But God, please don’t make him jealous 24/7.  I think my mind will seriously be gone forever should that happen.

Farm to come.  Probably tomorrow.  Tonight is grocery list night.  Aren’t you jealous?


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