Ugh!  About 6mths ago, I came down with Strep Throat.  I seemed to handle it pretty well as for the first 10days I continued working out and doing all my normal activities but complaining of a sore throat and taking LONG naps.  Ok, so the naps part probably doesn’t give it away that I’m sick, as I love a nap.  But the fact that I had a sore throat says something right?  So 10days I finally go to the doc, only because my friend Chris had Strep recently and she told me to go, and what do you know, BAM.  Strep.

No biggy.  Take a little medicine and I’m as good as new.  Only I couldn’t sleep on this medicine.  Something I don’t like.  But I finished it.  Why?   Because my same friend had it numerous of times because she wasn’t finishing her meds.  And this I don’t like. 

So now, 6+mths later, 16 1/2 wks pregnant, I wake up on the day of my 16wk checkup and have ONE swollen gland.  That doesn’t stop a Mama though.  I jumped into the shower Tuesday morning, went to Ashton’s school, ran off to the doctor to check on the baby growing inside of me, never mentioning my sore throat as I had forgotten about it, and then hit Target.  Ok, so I was there for a LONG time.  So long in fact, towards the end, I began dragging my feet.  Usually, I’m rushing to get OUT. 

I leave Target, pick up Ashton, and sat down to check some email.  All of a sudden, I get the shakes.  I put sweatpants on, even though it’s 70 degrees outside, and a sweatshirt and socks.  I continue shaking.  Call my husband, you better come home as soon as you can, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I’m ill.  At 5pm the boys are hungry.  I can barely stand up let alone cook.  Thank goodness for the blue and orange box (Mac & Cheese), they ate it up.  In fact, they ate the WHOLE box.  Dad stepped in just as I was giving them dessert.  Usually we don’t give them dessert but I couldn’t stand the idea that I might have to give them a bath.  I could barely hold my head up, forget about being responsible enough to ensure the safety of my only 2 children in the tub. 

Dad takes over.  I crawl into the fetal position on our bed, under the blankets and lay there.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep.  I remember thinking, if I could just roll over I could watch TV.  But come on, I was so sick I couldn’t even open my eyes.  I couldn’t use my brain to watch TV.  Daddy was great.  He had the kids washed and in bed without one time having to ask for help.  8pm rolls around and he came in our room and began helping me.  Giving me meds, getting me water, rubbing my back, you name it, the man is GOOD.

We wake up on Wednesday and I seriously cannot get out of bed.  Now if any of you know my husband in real life, you know his schedule is packed.  Well, it just so happened that his first meeting of the day wasn’t until 9am.  THANK GOD!  So he brought Ashton to school for me, completely out of his way, went to work, had that meeting, and then I called.  “T,” Ethan just woke up, I can’t do it.  Come home please? 

Ethan slept till 9am!!!  Yes, 9am!  He knew Mama was sick.  Daddy was home by 10:20am.  I rolled over and went back to sleep until 2:30pm.  I had to get up at 2:30pm.  T had a phone call for work he had to make.  I crawled into the shower, that didn’t help.  I crawled out to the couch, and watched 10mins of TV and then the call was over.  I went right back to bed where I stayed the remainder of the evening.

Thursday.  T wakes up and says, need me to stay home?  What can I do for you?  Well, I had a hair appointment.  Did you know they need 24hrs notice in order to cancel?  BLAH!  So I got into the shower, still achy all over, and really very sick. As we are all in the kitchen getting Ashton ready for school I hear, “Daddy, Happy BIRTHDAY!”  Oh crap.  Not only did I forget, I couldn’t even run over and give him a kiss.  I’m so sick.  I felt HORRIBLE.   I brought Ashton to school, and ran off to Walgreens.  I barely said 2 words to Ethan.  Poor kid.  I gave him his iTeddy and he was an angel.  Waited at Walgreens for a good 30mins when I was finally seen and the ARNP thought I was nuts when I said I was pregnant AND thought I had strep.  She backed away from me as if I had a virus that would attack her at any moment in time.

She was hesitant, but swabbed my throat.  Threw it into a rapid test that should take 5mins to get the results and in 90secs my test was positive!  Yup.  You have strep, and it’s probably BAD.  Great.  Just what I always wanted to hear.  Shen then went on to give me some news that should have scared me, about the baby possibly getting it, blah blah blah…but I remember from previous pregnancies that the doctor will test me for Strep B later, and no worries.  Well after talking to the doc, he said she was crazy and the baby can’t get Strep A.  BLAH!  Thankfully, I was just too sick to listen or worry.  One more thing, I’m contagious for 24hours.  Great.  I have 2 kids.  Ashton has a field trip tomorrow, and I’m supposed to work tomorrow. 

I ran over to get my haircut where I was 5mins late, and then the lady doesn’t come out.  Ok.  What’s going on?  I don’t feel well and would like to be in BED people.  Finally, the receptionist comes back out and I said, if Leah isn’t here, I’ll leave, I don’t feel well.  She informed me, she was sending her home as she too was sick.  GREAT.  PEACE OUT PEOPLE!

Thank heavens.  I could careless about getting my hair cut when I feel like I’m on my death-bed.  Right?

I come home for about 30mins and then shuffle off to get Ashton.  Once I have him at home, I jump right into bed.  2 1/2 hours later, I wake up and hear the glorious sound of Daddy’s voice.  YEAH!  But.  It’s Daddy’s birthday.  I need to put some gas in my body and get to work.  I get up and ask him if he wants to go to dinner.  His first priority is ME.  Whatever I want.  He wants me better.  I love that man.

30mins later, I think of KOBE.  Our favorite.  And the birthday guy eats FREE on his birthday.  What could be better?  Soup, noodles, rice, and veggies…soft foods my throat can handle.  He’s game.  The boys are game.  And Daddy feeds me more medicine and by the time we arrive, I’m feeling 50% normal.  YEAH.

We get home and sing to Daddy, Happy Birthday, after singing at the restaurant too…hehehe.  Daddy and the boys have cake, and we all get tucked in for the night.

Ashton has a field trip in the morning.  If Mommy doesn’t feel well, we can’t go.  He has to have a guardian with him and I can’t ask T to take another day off work.  Not after the past 2 days and his business trip next week. 

We wake up in the morning and Ashton runs into my room, “Mommy, are you feeling better?”  My response? 

……to be continued.  hint hint:  **there’s LOTS of photos to download**


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