Ethan’s birthday partie”s”! Because all 2yo’s need more than one.

We always do something special on our childrens birth-DAY.  And this year, Ethan’s birthday fell on a Friday night.  Well Friday nights are the best for extended family to join in the fun, so this year, Grandma, Popi, GG, and now Aunt Bunny and Uncle Bill (since they live here and all) all came out to the Bowling Alley for a little bowling and dinner with the star of the day, ETHAN!!!!

See that blanket in his hand?  Ashton bought that for Ethan for his birthday.  Ethan already has 3 favorites, but what’s one more?  Seriously, one can’t have enough blankies!!!

Now, Ethan didn’t bowl….he wouldn’t have been able to beat the PRO-BOWLER next to us anyways.  The man was brilliant.  He’s had 200 complete strike games in competition.  But he was very nice and even gave Mommy a pointer of making your arm like a yard stick.  The first bowl, I got a spare, in one shot!  Not bad.  Wish I would have caught his name, but he was in a zone, but still nice enough to chat with us.

So what did Ethan do while the whole family bowled?  Ate french fries, of course.  Then we all headed over to the restaurant area to have a little dinner and open his presents from Mom and Dad.

He really didn’t get too many gifts.  An iTeddy, a water coloring book of Elmo and friends, a blanket, Spiderman book, and a bunch of Animal Planet animals to bang around.  My kids love banging around animals on counters.  LOL

Next up, the BARNEY Birthday party!

We had a breakfast themed party.  Scrambled egg bake, hashbrown potatoes, strawberries, and blueberry mini-muffins.  All made by Mom.  The food was great, but I believe I was too hungry and forgot to take a picture 😦

If you want to see all the photos from Ethan’s birthday party, click here.  You’ll need to sign in with your email, not mine.  Sorry.


Thank you to all our friends and family that were able to make it out to spend Ethan’s special day with him.  Each of you helped make his day spectacular!!!  And for those of us who were unable to make it because you were sick with the stomach flu, we hope you are feeling better, super soon!


1 Comment

  1. Chris said,

    March 15, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Did you make his cake? It’s really cute! It’s hard to believe he’s 2 already.

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