Ethan turns 2yo!

Wow.  2yo, already! 

Ethan, this has been the best year ever.  Ever!  You have the sweetest personality and Mommy, Daddy, and Ashton just eat it up.

First let’s remember.  When you were only months old, you wore a helmet.  Your helmet, is so a thing of the past.  In fact, I had pretty much forgotten about it.  Then you and I headed to the mall just 2 days before your birthday for your 2yo photos, and what do you know?  We bumped into a little boy with a helmet on.  Usually, I can keep my comments to myself.  Remember, I’ve been there, done that.  But for some reason, maybe because it was your birthday, I had this overwhelming desire to speak to this Mommy.  I must have tried for her attention 3x before finally getting it.  She stopped and I told her that your perfectly BIG round shaped head, is because of a helmet.  She examined your head, and she agreed.  I’m not really sure if it helped her feel good/bad/or indifferent, but she listened.  She also told me her son is 22mths old.  And he is getting his 2nd helmet this week.  I wish her and her son, the best of luck with the helmet and I hope the 2nd round is short-lived.

Ok, but that was soooo pre-1yo.  hehehe.  Now, you’re 2.  2 FRICKIN’ YEARS OLD.  O.M.G.  My baby is grown.  And you are.  Around 15 1/2 mths, you finally got up and walked.  I remembered being so thankful that this happened just before our family vacation to Navarre.  And it was Navarre where you found your new love for the water.  Sure, you wanted no part of swim lessons, without Mommy, but you were all about diving into the Gulf with no help from Mommy.  You were so funny.  In your jammies, in your swim shorts, either way, it didn’t matter.  As long as you were wet.  You still weren’t speaking much, the occasional Dada, and some sounds we made out as words, but for the most part, you were still taking it all in.

At 18mths, you were able to say, “I love you,” amongst a FEW other words.  Sure, you weren’t very good at speaking, but you were trying.  You had me worried for a minute, but that was all.  I knew it would come.  And BAM.  Just like that, around 22mths, it became a vocabulary EXPLOSION!  You will now repeat EVERY, SINGLE, THING your Mommy, Daddy, or big brother Ashton say to you.  You are too funny for words.

You are 100% all Mama’s Boy!  You are attached to me.  And, I love it.  Sure you love your rough times with Daddy, and you can hit the BALL across the street from our drive way….yes, you can swing that bat well.  It makes Daddy proud.  But ultimately, you are my baby boy.  If there is a tear rolling down your face, you come running to me.  If you find yourself tired and we are out shopping, it is my shirt, or face, you will grab onto and pretend it’s your blanket.  Yes, you’re a blanket boy, along with the thumb.  So you’ll hold onto my shirt and suck your thumb.  Or just having my face inside of your hand while you suck your thumb works too. 

You are the most giving little boy in town.  You will share all of your toys, as long as, you are asked nicely.  However, you have a little mean streak in you as well.  You want EVERYTHING your brother has and aren’t afraid to CRY until Mommy finally gives in and tells your brother to let you have it.  It’s so wrong.  You shouldn’t get your way.  You’re old enough now not to, but you always seem to win.  It’s probably those eyes.  Those eyes talk.  How can one kid have so many things to say with just his eyes?  Well son, you do!  It’s amazing.  They can light up a room and make a person jump to their feet and want to dance.  You just have that ora about you.

Oh but wait, you ARE two.  And even though Ashton never went through the terrible two’s or tantrums does NOT mean you can’t.  So, at the rip age of 23mths you learned how to throw your first 10min solid tantrum.  Over what?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Mommy and Daddy were amazed.  How could our sweet little boy do such a crazy thing?  Flinging his body, crying uncontrollably, screaming and yelling, yes, you get the picture.  But you can do it.  And just as it started, it easily stopped.  But not a moment before 10mins.  Guess that’s when you’ve had enough yourself.  The first time it happened was a Saturday.  We were leaving for church.  We should have known not to take you, but we’re tough.  Well not that tough.  20mins into service, you did it again.  Daddy took you outside to have a talking with, you know, because we’re the boss.  10mins later, you returned, ready to share your snack (yes, that is what it was over this time) with your brother.

The next day it happened again.  Thankfully, I forget why.  The following day was Monday.  We take your brother to school and as soon as we approached the sidewalk, it happened again.  I left you there.  Although, that doesn’t seem to work for you.  I walked away about 3 or so times thinking Aunt Dana would eventually find you and maybe that would help. No luck, she wasn’t around.  All the teachers walking by, knew you were a R kid and would come looking for me.  I was only 2ft in front of you, but you demanded major attention.  Finally, after saying a super quick goodbye to Ashton, I picked you up like a football and carried you to the car.  I thought to myself, once I get you in the carseat, life would calm down.  Only, that wasn’t so easy.  See Ethan, you are a BIG boy, and Mommy was 3 mths pregnant and still a bit unnerved about holding onto this baby.  So I had to be careful while you were kicking and screaming, but eventually I won.  Just remember, Mama’s always win.  And 2mins down the road, Ms. Laurie called and just like that, it was over.  You found your thumb and you calmed down.  You even went to the YMCA for 2 hours and never had an issue.

So yes, your personality is STRONG.  Very strong.  But that’s what we love about you.  You are quick-witted, always making us laugh with the little actions you do, and yet are super loveable and cuddable (is that even a word?).  You aren’t 100% clear on us having another baby, or maybe what exactly that means, but so far, you are in love with my belly.  You kiss the baby everyday and tell the baby you love him/her.  We believe, you’ll be a great big brother, but it might take a little time to realize you’ll have to share Mommy with someone else.  Either way, you’ll always be my little boy, just as your big brother will always be my baby as well.  So please be nice, and share.

One last thing.  You actually enjoy going to time out.  Yes, you are a strange character.  And when you return you are all smiles with many “I’m sorry, Ashy’s.”  Even if you’re in time out because you did something to Mommy or Daddy, you always apologize to Ashy.  Guess because it is normally something you’ve done to your brother to get you there.

We love you, and can’t wait to see what year 2-3 brings for the whole family.

Your 2yo stats were taking on your birthday.  34lbs (95%) and 35″ tall (90%).  You are no small fry. 

By the way, you love your brother more than anything in the world.  Just look at this photo.  The two of you must ALWAYS take pictures together.  It’s what makes you best friends.  Always remember to lean on each other.  You’ll have the bond forever.

Love, Mommy



  1. March 15, 2010 at 11:57 am

    CUTE pic!

  2. Laurie said,

    March 15, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Yes, he is am amazing boy. A beautiful gift from god. And yes I did call to share in the craziness of mother hood. However, you have shown through your words why we do what we do and how very blessed we are to be mom!Love ya Tara!

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