Ashton is married?

Well that was what he told me….

How did this come about, you ask?  Today, I was in class at drop off talking to Bella’s Mom.  As you know, Bella is the infamous girlfriend.  Apparently, on Monday, Ashton and Bella were holding hands on the carpet.  At lunch.  And God only knows where else.

Ashton’s teacher says to Lisa (Bella’s Mom) and I, “Please discourage your children from holding hands in class.  We don’t hold our friends’ hands.” 

Lisa and I look at each other and laugh.  We believe that one day, we will be in-laws.  I like Lisa.  She is sweet.  I also like her husband and her son is pretty cute.  But most of all, I like Bella.  She is a girl who loves pink and she is so little and cutesy.

So married?  How did that happen?  Ashton informed me in our car ride home today, that the reason they were holding hands at carpet time and lunch time, is because they are married.  Married. 

So Ashton, Bella, it’s ok with us.  Sure, don’t do it in school, we wouldn’t want to teach you both wrong doings.  But we are glad that you have found friendship in one another.  Let’s keep it platonic.  You have your whole lives ahead of you.  Don’t rush it. 

We love you both.


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