Let the meltdowns, BEGIN.

After a long day with 3 of Ethan’s friends over, he took a much-needed nap.  Only his nap was only 2hours.  Compared to his usual 3hour nap.  And this week he’s has 2-4hour naps.  So we were in for real treat at church.

Ethan woke up, happy.  He always wakes up happy.  As we were getting ready to leave for church he noticed Daddy made a baggy of snacks for the boys.  He began a complete meltdown until he could get his hands on that snack bag.  Mommy was happy to give it to him, for sanity reasons if nothing else.  He gladly calmed down and we went to church.  Now this is after crying for about 10 solid minutes and everything we tried, failed to calm him.

Once we arrive at church, guess who wants some snack?  Ashton.  I ask Ethan to share with his brother, which usually the boys are fabulous with, but not this time.  Ethan began his second meltdown and it was so bad that Dad had to escort him out of church until he cooled off.  Thankfully, Mommy envisioned this happening and made a second snack bag for Ashton.  Only problem?  I didn’t use the same snacks.  YIKES.  Ethan wanted Ashton’s, but wouldn’t give Ashton, his, and the vicious cycle went on.

After a good 25mins into church both boys seemed to chill out and we had a lovely rest of mass.  When we got home to inform the boys we’d be leaving in a few moments when Ms. Colleen arrived, we could only pray that the boys wouldn’t be too much to handle in the 2 hours they had left to be awake.

Well within 30mins we heard Ashton was being bossy to Ms. Colleen.  Thankfully, her teacher background came through and she told him he won’t be that way with her 🙂  Way to go Ms. Colleen.  Set him straight.  And Ethan was pretty well-behaved from what I remember and went to bed like a champ.  Then, Ashton asked to go to bed and Colleen was happy to put him to bed a few moments earlier than bedtime.

Gesh.  What a day. I  thought we only had a problem with Ashton from time to time.  WRONG.  The almost 2 year old has decided he’d start testing us and even had another meltdown this morning.  God help me get through this stage.  I don’t even have enough energy to stay awake these days, let alone putting up with uncontrollable crying for absolutely NO REASON. 

The joys of parenthood.  And to think, we’ll do each of these stages all over again with this next one.  YIPPIE!  Let the fun begin.


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