Ashton and his many girlfriends….

Saturday was an amazing day.  We woke up at 7am and got the house ready for a house full of kids.  My friend Colleen, my workout partner, brought her 1yo twins-Emerson and Evan and 2 1/2 year old Ethan over for some play time.  Colleen can’t seem to get ahead of her household chores with all 3 kids under her feet, and since she was awesome enough to volunteer to babysit for us last night, I thought, hey we’ll babysit for her in the morning!!

So Bill, their Daddy, brought the kids over around 8:30am.  They all were happy as can be in the playroom full of new toys, to them.  Ashton had decided he didn’t like girls that he didn’t know, so he wanted NO part of Emerson.  That is until she walked through the door.  Or should I say, crawled through the door.  She is just learning how to walk, about 6-20steps at a time.  So the oldest boy who wanted NO part of the little girl took to her like this:

And I know you can’t see from the photo, but his arm is around her waist too.  You know, helping her with the puzzle and all.  LOL

Then there’s this….

Notice he has no part of Evan.  He is all about the PINK.  It was then that he has again decided it’s ok for Mommy to have a little girl, in fact, it’s much preferred.  LOL  Now, this comes after we first told him we were expecting and he was yelling, “It’s a GIRL, it’s a GIRL.”  To then changing his mind to, “If it’s a girl, I’m not coming out of my room, EVER.” 

So around 11am the twins needed to take a nap so Daddy took the older boys outside.  I needed a shower, and I wanted the twins to have a little bit of quiet time before falling asleep.  When the clan came inside to have lunch around 11:45am, Ashton quickly noticed that Emerson wasn’t around.  He said, “Mommy, where’s the babies?”   I said, “Napping.”  He said, “Is my girlfriend in my room?”  “Yes, Ashton, she is.”  Oh dear Lord, what have I gotten myself into?

Ashton even enjoyed playing with Emerson’s hair.  He would touch it and say how beautiful it is.  Melts my heart 🙂  But one thing he did not like, Ethan calls Emerson, Emmy.  He just can’t get out her whole name.  Ashton was quick to correct his little brother and say, “Her name is Emerson, not Emmy.”  Ok, Mr. Bossy.  It’s ok.  Trust me.

Their Daddy picked them up at 1:30pm and Ms. Colleen was coming over at 5:30pm to watch our kids.  Ashton told Ms. Colleen that Emerson is his girlfriend, but so is Bella and Adien (a girl he met once, at our neighbors pool).  LMAO.  Did my innocent child go from innocent to Tiger Woods, in like 1 day flat?  EEK!!!!


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