Happy Valentine’s Day!!! (the secret, Ashton’s be holding…)

Ashton woke up a few weeks ago and shared with his Mommy and Daddy that he was going to marry Bella, on Valentine’s Day.  WOW!  I had a lot to prepare for the big moment!!

So how exactly does a 4 year old get married on Valentine’s Day?  Well it all starts with school.  Ashton walks into his classroom, makes goo-goo eyes and Princess Bella, asks her for a kiss (with lipstick…Ashton’s words), then tells her he would like to marry her and she needs to buy a WHITE dress before Mommy picks him up at noon from school.  WOWSER.  Bella, GET TO WORK!

So the big day finally arrives.  It’s Friday, February 12th.  Ashton wakes up and says, “Mommy, today isn’t Valentine’s Day (as I’m putting on his Valentine’s Day shirt), today is just the day we celebrate Valentine’s Day at school.”  Mommy says, “Oh, I see.”  He says, “So see, I won’t marry Bella today, I have to marry her on Valentine’s Day.”  But Valentine’s Day is a Sunday.  So it looks like Princess Bella will have to wait one more year for her frog to wisp her off her feet.

Ashton and Ethan first take a photo of their handsome little selves before leaving for school.

We then head off to school.  Ashton walks through the doors and promptly looks everywhere for Bella.  But I thought today wouldn’t be the day?  I didn’t dress the part as future Mother in Law…not in my workout clothes.  Gesh.  Ashton can’t find her anywhere.  Well it’s no wonder, she is never there before us.  We are always the first ones to class and since Bella’s Mommy is the Gifted Teacher at school, she tends to hang out with her Mommy for a few moments before shuffling off to class.  Ashton looks at me and says, “Mommy, Bella isn’t here today.”  Well unfortunately, Mommy already knew the sad story of Bella not coming to school that day.  Bella has had that nasty tummy virus since Wednesday and won’t be making it to school.

Thankfully, Ashton understands that Bella is sick, after all, on Bella’s birthday, Ashton was sick.  Then at Ashton’s birthday party he was sick again.  So he knows all too well about being sick and not making it to school.  He tells me he hope she feels better soon, and he’ll talk to her when she comes back.  I’m sure what exactly the 4 year old means by that, but heck, at least he is still single for a little longer.  He told me he loves her.  Bella is a super sweet little girl, and a little bossy….so I really like her.  She and I have that in common.  I think it’s a FABULOUS trait in any woman. 

So cheers to you Bella.  I hope you can put up with my little Bossy Ashton (because he too has taken after Mommy in this area).  I hope he doesn’t give you too much grief in your 100 years of marriage.  But most of all, I hope you are feeling better, sweetheart.  We missed you last week in school!!!  HUGS.

PS…Ethan and I came back to school after my morning workout, for the Valentine’s Day party.  Ethan had the most fun of all the kids…I think.

Yes, that is icing on his face, thank you VERY MUCH Miss Agatha 😉


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