The fair’s in town, the fair’s in town!!!

An as a favorite past time, I MUST GO TO FAIR ANNUALLY.  My Daddy always took me there.  When he left our happy (actually unhappy family), my Mommy married an ULTRA terrific man, my new Daddy, and he continued the tradition.  I don’t know why, because that freaking place costs a damn fortune!!!  GESH!.

So after I ran around, 2 days before the fair came to town, I picked up our tickets.  You know, to save a little money to get in.  LOL.  After I dropped $16 on adult tickets (kids are still free), I was all, GAME ON.  Bring me to that FAIR NOW!

Well, it doesn’t work that way.  Nature has a bad role in going outside, right about now.  First, it rained.  Oh, and let’s not forget the ungodly amount of hours T has worked lately 😦  Then there was golf on Saturday.  Gesh, golf.  But you know, sometimes Daddy’s deserve fun times too.  Sunday was church and the Superbowl, and then we were entering this week.  Another week of LATE nights.   So T surprised us and took Monday off work.  His only not too busy of a day this week.  So, we headed out to the FAIR at 10:30am. 

An OMG, it was freaking gorgeous out.  GORGEOUS.  We could not have picked a better day.  The highs were around 64 degrees and it was sunny.  Not a cloud in the sky.  The best part?  It was a weekday, so not busy at all.  We had a blast.

Bad thing about 4yo’s and the fair?  They want to ride the rides.  And how can you blame him?  I mean, he takes after me and Daddy, and WE LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!  Love them.  Love them so much, we’ll take turns watching the kids, so we can ride the rides.  LOL.  Yes, we do that.  Yes, I’m serious.  We love BIG coasters.  It’s the thrill. 

So telling our 4yo that he couldn’t ride the rides took a lot of convincing.  You know, Mommy lying.  EEK.  I did.  I told him he wasn’t tall enough.  Why?  Because one ride cost $5 and that was just for him.  And most rides required US to ride with him.  Ummm…I don’t think so buddy.  Next year we’ll plan for you to ride the rides and go on armband day.  Where it costs $15/pp armband, and you can ride till you get sick 😉

So what did we do instead?



these two brothers love each other more than life itself and are always doing things together….

Then I told them all about “saving the chickens,” they know Mommy doesn’t eat them 😉

We were a little nice.  We let Ashton ride the ponies!  He loved it.

And we didn’t forget about the petting zoo….EEK…I let my children tough DIRTY animals. 

Father and sons got close to the giraffes, but you better believe Mommy was FAR away!

Next Ashton made homemade Orange Juice 😉

Lastly, a photo for the scrapbook!!! 

So all that stuff  is included in the price.  Except the pony ride we did pay $4.  But we spent $60 when we were there.  So where do you think the money went?  If you guessed food, you are correct!  We had a little bit of EVERYTHING 😉  We started with a snack…I shared fried mushrooms with the boys, yes they LOVE mushrooms, and Daddy got Ashton a corn dog, and he had a cheese steak and french fries and a coke…ummm, that was $21.00!!!  For HEARTATTACK food.  But after a night of the Superbowl, I’m pretty sure Daddy needed that grease!  EEEWWW…..

But we did end the day with a YUMMY powdered sugar elephant ear.  That was worth every bit of that $60 dollars we blew through in just 4hours 😉  Sometimes, you just got too!!!


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