Better news….

Over the past few weeks our family seems to have been hit with the black cloud.  We all get it from time to time, but it really was hard this time.   It wasn’t our immediate family, but it was our extended family and friends.  Good friends.  Not just friends of friends.  It was all so much.  It started on a Thursday and kept rolling until Sunday night.  Some days getting 2 sets of bad news in the same day.

I am happy to report, that my Sister in Law is now out of surgery and seems to be in good spirits, or so I heard from my husband.  The doctor also reported that all samples taken from her were benign cancer cells.  YEAH!!!!  But that isn’t the end for her.  She had major surgery today.  Major.  But she is very fortunate to have her wonderful Mother and Father, my in-laws, there to help.  They are taking care of the fort (aka: kids), while she can concentrate on getting herself back on her feet.  She’ll be in the hospital for a few days, and then come home to home cooked meals and someone waiting on her hand and foot.  It’s good to have parents 😉

Then there is my Brother in Law.  He has been fighting cancer for over 2 years now.  It was the scariest thing ever for our family to hear of.  Especially since he has a wife and twin boys and a little girl.  Today they are all under the age of 5, but when he was diagnosed, they were even younger.  It was scary, but he’s a fighter.  He fights it everyday, I’m sure, but he is doing well.  And as of today, is showing no future signs of more cancer forming.  My husband continues to speak to his brother almost on a daily basis.  We love to know he is doing well and fighting with every ounce he has in him!!!!

This my friends, is a blessing.  A prayer that has been answered.  I reached out to MANY members of our family and friends, and they all were praying for our family.  Thank you.  We needed it.  My Brother and Sister in Law both have way too much they still need to do.  Here, on earth.  Not with wings.  Not yet.  Please, God, not yet.

Then my good friend’s Father in Law slipped into a comma.  I wish I had the happy news to report about him, but I do not.  He is still in the comma and occasionally does move his head and seems to recognize things around him, but as of today, he still needs LOTS of prayers.  Lots.  So if you have anymore prayers to muster up, please, send them out to our friends.  They might be faced with some difficult decisions in their future.  Decisions they hope, and most of us hope, to NEVER have to make for our parents.  HUGS.  I’m thinking of you both.  But most importantly, I’m praying for you both.

We then had a few other things, here and there that happened with more friends near and dear to our family.  I wish I could report happy endings for all, but I cannot. 

Just before the news of both my Brother and Sister in Law, my brother departed to Bahrain.  His family misses him dearly.  It is never easy to have a sibling, husband, wife, father, son, daughter, or mother have to leave for an extended period of time.  Thankfully, this tour is only 4 months long, compared to last years 1 year deployment, but if you ask any military family, 1 day is too long.  We miss you Joe, and can’t wait to have you back home. 

So if I’ve been a little absent here lately, bare with me.  A lot has been on our families mind.  I hope this is only the beginning to a wonderful 2010.  Even though it started off rocky, February has proven to be much better and we’ll take better any day of the week.

Ashton is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Valentine’s Day.  He plans to…..ok, well I can’t give all my secrets away.  I’ll have to post that on, Valentine’s Day.  So come back.  I know there is funny news out there, someplace, and my boys are dying to give it to our blog readers 😉


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