Snow Day….in Florida ;)

This week in school, Ashton’s class learned all about the letter “Ii.”  They ended the week on Friday with an ICY SNOW PARTY!  This was a big surprise for all the kids.  Little did they know, some of their parents were in on the little secret.  All the kids had to dress up in their snow outfits, the A/C was turned down really low (ok, so it was 68degrees…this is Florida, ya know).  Then the best part?  They had SNOW!!!  Ok, so it wasn’t real snow, but do you think Ashton would believe you?

And Ashton’s little friend Maisi made sure to play ring-around-the-rosies with the other little girls.

Then there’s Ashton’s friend, Roman.  Look at this guy playing in the snow.  You’d think he’s done this all his life 😉

But this days favorite friend award goes to Maier.  Why?  Well just look at him.  A boy after my own heart 😉 

Yes, that mess was working my OCD nerves too.  So thank you Maier.  You did a great job. 

By the way, you Mom’s who did NOT dress your kids this way to come to school…yeah, I had the honor of changing your little ones.  Why do you ask?  They spilled hot chocolate on their warm pants, and well, their pants were on fire…or so they told me 😉

Kids, they make you smile all the time.  Ashton loves his friends from school.


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