Auntie Aja comes to visit!!!

How did I forget to blog about this spectacular day?  Last Friday, Auntie Aja surprised me while Ashton was in school and said, “Me and my Mommy want to come over to play with the boys, and bring you lunch!!!”  So she asked what I was in the mood for, and she picked up some Thai for all 3 of us.  Thank you Aja 😉

Mommy and Auntie arrived around 1pm, just shortly after Ashton arrived home from school.  He didn’t know Auntie was coming over.  He was so excited.  On Monday T & I both went to see Auntie and Ashton didn’t understand why he couldn’t go too, so he was delighted to see her a few days later!!! 

I had to pick my brain on what the 3 of them could do and while I was driving down the road, I remembered Ashton received a present for his birthday from his best girly friend, Isabella, A Cars Cookie baking and decorating kit.  So that is exactly what they did.  Look at all the fun they had 😉

Check out Ashton’s crazy boy face!!!

I only got one photo of Mama Toni (Aja’s Mommy) but I had to put it in here, I know she’s reading 😉

Auntie doesn’t see herself as a Betty Homemaker, but I think she’s doing a GREAT job 🙂

And when the “kids” were finished….

Check out Mommy’s little artist…hard at work!

And check out Auntie “multi-tasking.”  I thought she could only do that at work…but with her nephews, anything is possible.  TRUE LOVE!

And she even has a second to pose for a photo.

And lastly…Ashton showing off his flag.  Not sure why I didn’t get a picture of Auntie’s car.  It was AMAZING!

PS…all GREAT chefs wear aprons.  Duh!


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