Winter Wear Dress Day…

was today at school.  This week Florida has met some record lows in our temperatures.  Us Floridians not only do not have the blood for this type of weather, but we don’t have the wardrobe either.  It’s COLD.  Tomorrow they are calling for possible snow and sleet.  The high will only get to 40 degrees.  I’d say, that’s CHILLY!  Today was actually our warmest day of the week, with the high at 61, and honestly, this morning, I was barely even cold.  Can’t believe my body is getting used to 24 degrees in the am.  YIKES!!! 

So being Winter Wear Dress Day, Ashton was able to dress up in his winter clothes.  I had to take a picture before he left.  He looked so cute.

Of course Ethan had to sneak in the photo.  He sneaks in ALL photos.  Especially with his brother 😉 

Isn’t Ashton cute?  He is wearing my hat, scarf, and gloves, and his jacket.  He was snug as a bug this am.  It was cute.  He loves to play dress up.  While in school this week, his teacher (Ms. Denise) brought in some of her winter clothes.  Look at him and his good friend Maisi all dressed up 🙂

Such cutie pies 😉

Stay warm, all.


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