Pictures…Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Navarre.

Ethan leaving food for Rudolph.

Ashton and Ethan leaving food for Rudolph.

I’m pretty sure the story goes, “leave cookies and milk for Santa,” not, eat Santa’s cookies…LOL.

Christmas morning….

The boys discovered what Santa left them 🙂

Ethan LOVES Mickey Mouse and Friends and Ashton LOVE superheros 🙂

Ashton could NOT believe it, Santa ate his cookie and left him a note!!

Ashton only asked for a handful of items from Santa, Buzz Lightyear shoes, a Pig, a Panda, and a basketball player driving a car.  Only, Santa didn’t bring ANY of these items.  Ashton was devastated.  How could he not answer a little boys request for shoes, his TOP item!!!  Well when Grandma walked in, she had a surprise!!!  Santa forgot to deliver a present to our house, but he made sure to drop it off at Grandma’s house.  Look what it is….

Buzz Lightyear SHOES!!!!

And Ethan had something from Santa too!!!  A Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo Train for around our tree!!!! 

Ethan opened EVERY present, sitting on my lap.  All day long.  Not a single gift was opened without sitting on Mommy’s lap first.  A true, “Mamma’s Boy!!!”  And I LOVE IT!!!!  (by the way, notice the Celebrate wrapping paper?  Yeah, that’s Dad’s idea of wrapping Christmas gifts, you know, with birthday paper.)

After Ashton opened about 100 gifts, Grandma H. says, “Ashton you cannot possibly have anymore presents.  That one MUST be under-roo’s.”  Well look….

Under-roo’s it was….HA!!!!  How did she know?

Next we head to Grandma’s House.  Look what GG bought for Ethan!!!

Howie wasn’t scared.  But then again, he has a GIGANTIC Camel at his house for riding.  Ethan still isn’t much of a fan of the riding horse, but I have a feeling sooner than later I won’t be able to get him off that thing 😉  It even makes noises. 

Ethan and Howie…this picture is just too precious not to post.

Round 3 of Santa’s in our lives…Aunt Bunny and Uncle Bill.  Look at Ethan.  He reminds me of myself.  My eyes always light up when Aunt Bunny is giving out gifts….or my Mommy 😉

Once again, Ethan is still in Mommy’s lap opening gifts.  This child must have got 100 presents.

Ashton LOVES to fish.  But most importantly, he LOVES to fish with 2 people, Daddy and Uncle Bill.  Just look at his face when Uncle Bill gave him a new fishing pole and tackle box.  He literally jumped right up on him and wrapped his arms and legs around him in excitement!!!

Ethan’s most FAVORITE toy.  Mickey Mouse that sings and tells jokes.  He finds it hilarious when Mickey is dancing to Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog….LOL

I believe my favorite gift to Ethan is that Elmo blanket.  OMG, it is so soft!!!!

Finally, we’re in Navarre!!!  Ashton is in timeout and Ethan just can’t stand it.  Look at him talking to his brother.

Soon after, my little boy is back.  Isn’t this a beautiful picture of Ashton?

Kilo was soooooooooo cold!

And as crazy as it may be…the littlest R, had tons of fun in the sand and the WATER!!!  Yikes, it was COLD!

and here…

And Ashton, fishing with Squid. 

He even touched it….EEWW!!!!

Then he threw it in the water….for the non-fishes to eat it…HA.  Maybe a duck got it.

And Ethan’s favorite past-time…



  1. debbie said,

    January 2, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    soooo cute

  2. courtney said,

    January 2, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the encouragement too!!

  3. colleen said,

    January 2, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    LOVE the pic of AT with his new fishing pole–PRICELESS, really =)

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