Happy New Year, 2010!!!

We just got home last night, from a week long vacation in Navarre.  This time it was FREEZING.  Last time we were there I took a zillion photos of the boys fishing, this time, fishing was just casting.  You know, tossing the ling into the water and pulling it back in.  Why?  Well it was too cold for the fish, too.  Most days, the highs were in the low 60’s.  Yesterday, when we decided to leave a day early, it was only going to be 51.  So we packed up and headed home.  Only, we got home and found out that they highs will only be in the 50’s for at least a WEEK!  Ummm, this is so not Florida weather.

So we got home yesterday and unpacked everything.  Because I’m OCD like that.  Only, when we finished, we realized I misplaced 2 gift cards and 2 lotto tickets T gave me for Cb hristmas.  Boy, that stinks.  All the Christmas stuff is already in the attic, so it could be packed away for the next year, or they could be lost, or thrown out.  Either way, I have one unhappy husband.  But I can’t say I did it, and he can’t say he remembers what happened to them either.  No need to point fingers, they were mine, and now there gone 😦  boo hoo.

Vacation was fun.  Grandma and Papa R. came up for 3 days and spent lots of time with the boys.  Who would have thought Grandma even likes to fish.  Or maybe it’s just watching her boys fish?  Either way, she was with them, she never misses a beat.  Ethan spiked a HIGH fever on Monday (just 24hours after we arrived).  Thankfully, Dee Dee, my cousin, and her wonder husband Billy, have a friend who is a doctor who was able to get us in that day.  When we walked in the door Ethan’s temp was coming back.  We had no idea how hot he was, we were away, I didn’t have a thermometer.  So, they took his temp and it was 103.6.  YIKES!  Nurse almost sent us to the ER, but let Dr. Kellen see us first.  The doc wasn’t alarmed as E seemed to perk up almost immediately after taking some motrin.  Thank heavens.  He did send us on our way with some Tamiflu, thinking it could be Swine Flu.

Mommy’s always seem to know best.  I wasn’t sold on it being H1N1.  I was convinced it was just an upper respiratory something bug in him.  So the next day when we had to go back in for a follow-up, he was worse.  I asked the doc for meds to help him breathe.  I was up all night with Ethan for 2 days.  I was exhausted.   He was exhausted.  So Dr. Kellen gave him a steroid and we were sent back on our way.  Only Dr. K said, “The meds could keep him up all night.”  GREAT.  Another night?  UGH.

Not my child.  He was TIRED!  He went to bed that evening at 8pm and slept till 8am the next day.  It was lovely.  Finally.  He slept.  He needed it.  I needed it.  BUT, I woke up at 5am.  Why?  Because Ashton was now sick.  Great.  So the cycle continues.  Grandma and Papa were also feeling a bit under the weather and were leaving in about 90mins, so we stayed up with them and Ashton went back to sleep.  When he woke up around 8am, he was fine.  So we had a family FUN DAY and went to the local children’s science museum, park, breakfast, and then the mall playarea.  But when we got home, the fever struck again, and Ashton was pretty much fever ridden for the next 48hours. 

Now this brings us to Thursday.  New Years Eve.  Ashton is still sick, so T is keeping them home and just hanging with the boys.  My friend Julianne, from college, came and picked me up and we went to lunch and did a little shopping.  When we got home at 5pm, the boys were doing better and we went out for dinner to celebrate ringing in the new year. 

After dinner, Ethan fell fast asleep.  Ashton was up till about 10pm central time, waiting for the ball to fall, but then passed out.  Dad soon followed.  Julianne and I, managed to stay up till Dick Clark announced Happy New Year, 2010.  After that, we were quickly tucked away in our beds.

When we woke up on Friday morning, we had zero plans.  We were all pretty ready to get home.  Being sick, is no fun.  Knowing the drive was coming up, was also, unappealing.  So after Julianne headed home, I mentioned to T, “I wouldn’t mind going back today, what do you think?”  It was 8:45am.  He said, “SURE!”  The boys were busy watching The Wheels on the Bus DVD and having popcorn, and without even telling them, we packed up the whole house.  We told them we were taking them to a surprise and we’d tell them in the car.  When we pulled out of the driveway at 10am and hit the gas station we yelled in delight, “We’re going HOME!”  You know, to make it sound like FUN!  Ashton shed a few tears, he wanted to stay.  Well shoot, we did too.  We want to LIVE there.  But home is reality, and we had to get back there.

So here I am, home. I wake up this morning, COLD.  Very cold.  I jumped into the shower since I had to be at the gym by 8am for yoga, and my body temp seemed off.  Weird.

I got Ethan up and dressed, and we headed out.  About 1/2 way through my class, I felt as though I was going to pass out.  I still had to walk on the treadmill with a friend who I asked to meet me there.  Great.  How am I going to manage?  But since she was there, I felt ok.  She’d tell me to get off if I started turning green or something.

So I walked for 35mins, and when I got off, I felt like a train wreck.  It was official.  I’m sick 😦

I still had to get home and make a shopping list, go shopping, and cook something for the family for dinner.  Now I’m home.  Sitting in my chair, thinking of what to make.  I’m SHAKING.  Trembling.  For about 30mins. I could NOT get my body temp normal.  So I jumped back into the shower.  20mins later I’m out.  Still FREEZING. 

I go to the store, not sure how I made it, but I managed to pick up all the necessary stuff to make chili.  It was good too.  Good thing, I know my body needed to eat, even though I had no desire to eat.  But I did. 

So here I sit.  I have a thousand photos to go through from Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Navarre.  One day, I’ll get some to you all.  Until then…..goodnight.

Happy New Year all.  May your year be merry and bright 😉

Oh and one last note…Happy Vegetarian Anniversary to ME!!!  As of NYE 2009, I’ve been a VEG for ONE YEAR!  And last night I dreamt I ate chicken.  LOL.  Nope,  I did not.  But it just goes to show you, somethings take a LONG time to erase from your memory.  And dreaming of eating meat is more like a nightmare.  I’ve worked HARD at not eating it, the last thing I want to do is “give in,” so yeah, when I dream that, it’s a nightmare.


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