The end of another, decade.

As the year is about to end, I’m thinking it’s not just another year, it’s been a decade,2000-2010.





What have I done…so many wonderful things to list:

2000-Graduate from The University of West Florida, BA in Criminal Justice

2001-move back to Tampa with my best friend Aja, and met the love of my life, “T.”  Then 9-11, who could forget, tradgey. 

2002-got my own apartment and starting “thinking” about life, happily-ever-after with “T.”   Started Graduate School at Troy University.  Find out my Grandmother is terminally ill with cancer 😦

2003-“T” pops the question.  We have a date, July 2005.   On Dec. 31st, we decide to move the wedding date to July 31, 2004, EEK!!!  7mths to plan.

2004-I graduate with my MPA in Public Administration.  I’m Getting MARRIED!  One week before our wedding, Uncle Vinny passes away in a motorcycle accident, RIP.  I miss and love you forever.  July 31, T and I say, I DO.  A horrible hurricane comes through Florida just a week after our honeymoon.  Sept 14, Popi passes away.  We love and miss you terribly.  I leave Target and we decide to start a family, sooner than later 🙂

2005- February, WE’RE PREGNANT!  With Ashton.  Bought a new home.  Hurricane Katrina 😦  I become a Mom in October.

2006-life is always full of suprises with a newborn.  T leaves baseball.  Loving every moment of being a Stay at Home Mommy.

2007-We’re PREGNANT!  Identical Twins.  And well, a lot of stuff with that.  We lost Quinn, at the fight of his life, TTTS.

2008- Joey, Dana, and Howie move back.  Ethan is BORN!!!  Healthy 😉  T is promoted, PRINCIPAL!  Aja graduates with her PhD!

2009-well, the year isn’t over…but Auntie moved back!  We missed her 😉  First family vacation to Navarre.  Aunt Dana is PREGNANT!

I’d say for the most part, the decade has been good to us.  Let’s hope for a GREAT next decade.  I’d also say, my life has completely changed.  Going from 21yo to 31yo, one really grows up.  I like the new me.  It’s a better me 😉




  1. December 17, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    WOW!!! your life definetly changed and Im glad and proud of you,.. I would also, like to say, I never thought I was going to be where I am today. going from 22 to 32 WOW!!! life has So many Roads

  2. December 17, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    oh I just did something like this… my “28 under 28” (28 accomplishments in 28 yrs) but i think all of them happened in the last 10… along with 2 new ones! he he!

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