Visiting Santa!

Every year, Santa comes to our neighborhood.  We are so lucky he comes to us a few weeks early and sits with all the kids and lets us parents capture it all on film.

This year, Ethan was NOT having any part of Santa.  But then again, Ethan isn’t a fan of strangers until Mommy warms him up a bit to them and let’s him know, that ‘their ok people.’  I can’t say I mind the stranger danger feeling he has, it is much easier to keep track of him…he doesn’t leave my side. 

Ashton had no problem walking right up to the big man in a red suit with a funny looking beard.  Just see for yourself.

Then he jumped right up there on his lap, and told him everything his little heart desires.  Buzz Lightening Shoes, panda and a pig stuffed animals, a dinosaur in a fire truck (not sure what he is talking about), and then informed Santa on all of Ethan’s wants, Mickey Mouse EVERYTHING and all things Barney.  Yup, he was good.  He wasn’t scared.  He loved it. 

And check out he picture Daddy took…

We even had a neighborhood professional photographer donate his time and give EACH child a picture of them with Santa.  Ethan didn’t get one, but Ashton sure has a wonderful picture that one day Aunt Bunny will scrapbook for him and he’ll be able to look back on his days of sitting on the big man’s lap and smile 😉


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