Disney, in the rain.

But with GREAT friends.  Now what could be better?  The weather, sure.   But it’s still the happiest place on earth, and I believe all 10 of us had smiles on our faces for 99% of the day!

The ABC’s Disney Christmas Parade is tapped at our very own Disney World in Orlando (the Jonas Brothers were there!).  So what did I do?  I hooked all of my friends up with FREE tickets!  2 of Ashton’s friends from his class went along with all of their families.  Ethan stayed home with Grandma R since it was raining and Daddy had to work.  His football team went to the State playoff game and played the school where Daddy graduated from high school!  So of course, he had to be there, we won 😉

Disney was not only wet, but it was COLD.  I’d say one of the coldest days this winter.  Windy, wet, and 60 degrees.  Us Floridians were coooold!!!!  But it was FUN!!!

The parade was canceled.  But that’s ok.  We were all ready to get on the rides. 

First we needed a group kid photo!

Maier, Melania, Maisi, Madison, and Ashton

Only, out of the 10 rides we rode, 75% of them broke down!  Here is a picture of Ms. Becky and her daughter Maisi, while we were stuck for ONE HOUR on the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Thank GOODNESS for one parent per child, and IPHONES/Blackberry’s and the small little tv (iteddy) I brought for Ashton.  The kids were ANGELS all day.  They could not have been better.  Oh and Maier even took a nice nap while we waited to be rescued by the pirates.

And check out the rockin’ Mama’s in action with their kids…

Ms. Agatha and Maier

Ms. Becky with all the kids

All in all, it was a great day, and I’m totally looking forward to having many more wonderful days with Ashton’s friends and their families.  It sure makes a Mommy’s heart melt to know that he has found such wonderful friends at his school.  I hope we go again next year, only with much nicer weather!


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