A LOT to be thankful for….

I will be begin with last week.

A week ago today, Ashton had his Thanksgiving Feast at school.  Although, I was able to get many wonderful photos and wonderful videos, I will refrain from posting as there are far too many children in the pictures of whom I’m sure don’t want to be plastered all over the internet.  Ashton sang a few songs and knew every word.  But that doesn’t surprise me, he was practicing all week 😉 

Ethan made himself at home and it looks like he is ready to start school as soon as we give him the go ahead…

The next day was the last day of basketball for Ashton.  See him receive his trophy?  Yeah, that’s because he rocks 🙂 

Since this week is Thanksgiving Break at school, my friend and I decided to take the kids to Pump It Up.  Ethan had only been there prior to his walking days, so I thought for sure he would love bouncing.  Nope.  He prefers the ground not moving.  He does like to be airborne, as he jumps nonstop in our home, but as for the ground moving…that should stay still.

Next in our fun-filled week, we gave the boys some of the homemade Derby Pie that a Mom at Daddy’s school made for him.  Look at Ethan’s reaction:

And next his cheeks stuff like a chipmunks 🙂

Want to see what Derby Pie looks like….???


2 days later was Thanksgiving…yesterday.  I have sooooooooooooooooooooo much to be thankful for.  Here’s a SMALL list.  First off, for the BEAUTIFUL family my husband and I created.  Without the LOVE we have for one another, our children would not have been possible.  And for that, I am MOST grateful.  I’m also grateful for our wonderful extended family.  They each hold a special place in our hearts and I am so happy to have each of them in our life.  Next, I am grateful for the baby that my brother and sister-in-law have created.  Not only Howie, but the growing baby inside of Dana that I already love more than words can explain.  Funny how that works huh?  Oh and my cousin Dee Dee.  She too has another cousin for me to love to pieces tucked away in her belly for another good 6+ months.  I’ll be glad to meet him/her, when the time is right.

Next, I am grateful for me!!!  I think we should all be proud of ourselves from time to time, and right now, I am proud of myself.  I have been going to the gym, faithfully, for 5-6days a week for 11 SOLID months.  Not taking off for any extended period of time.  Even while on vacation you could have found me at the gym or running a few miles around the neighborhood. 

And here I am to prove it…my very first, TURKEY TROT!  Thank you Colleen for running the Trot with me, and thank you Dana and Howie for coming out and walking the trot 😉 

Dana, Tara, Colleen

The BEST cheerleaders ever…go to these guys:

Look at Aunt Dana go!!! 

And Mommy!!!

So you want to know the BEST part about the above photo??  Yeah, here is a little embarrassment for  me.  The guy running next time…number 402, well he is a student at Daddy’s school.  That’s the first funny thing.  Second, notice how he is like 2 steps in front of me?  Yeah, well I was completing my FIRST round, still needed to run one more lap to complete.  Only that kid, yes, he is a kid, was FINISHED!!!!  He completed the 5k at 17mins.  Me, 32:11.  Sure, I’m DAMN proud of finishing at 32:11, but I’m also humiliated that not only did this kid beat me….but there was a little girl in front of me the ENTIRE time, who also finished before me.  She could not have been any older than 9years old.  GESH!  I knew I ran slow, but I didn’t know I WALKED!!!!  And I did NOT come in last.  I probably had a good 100 people in behind me, out of 500+ (the last I heard 500 signed up), including the walkers.  LMAO!  Yes, I’m slow.  But I did it, what did you do on Thanksgiving?  Oh, and I’d like to think of this way…I fed a family a turkey dinner.  My money went to one good cause.  To fill a hungry families bellies.  And for that, I’m THANKFUL.

Colleen, I wouldn’t be a good friend, if I didn’t show your fabulous face after running the Trot in your BEST time yet, 27mins something seconds, looking at my husband.  HA!!!  A face, ONLY a wife could give!

And lastly, tonight we had leftover Thanksgiving dinner.  Kilo ALWAYS gets Thanksgiving dinner.  All the fixin’s.  Mashed potatoes, turkey, stuffing, and gravy.  Well, look at who is jealous of Kilo getting the ‘good’ food….

you guessed it…our piggy! 



  1. Monique said,

    November 28, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Congrats on your first 5K! That’s a fantastic time!! 🙂

  2. Brooke said,

    November 29, 2009 at 9:33 pm

    Love Colleen’s face:). Good job on the run!!!!

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