My friend Lindsay, the Happy Herbivore to most, has just signed a COOKBOOK deal!!!! 

I have been given the pleasure of being on of her tasters for all her new recipes yet to be released.  My waistline is beginning to show that I’m eating a bit too much 😉  Actually, ALL her recipes are low to no fat and super duper fabulously yummy.  If you have yet to try her out, I highly suggest you go over to her blog, NOW.  I bet you’ll find you have most of the ingredients in your pantry right now.

I’ve known Lindsay since I was 19years old.  WOWSER.  12 years of a fabulous friendship, going strong.  She makes me so proud to call her my friend.  She is such a bright YOUNG (she is 3years younger than me) girl.  At 28yrs old she has done what many of us could only dream of.  She has graduated from LAW SCHOOL.  Passed not only the California BAR exam, but she recently passed the NY BAR without even studying!!!  Brilliant.  Simply BRILLIANT.  She is also the author of 4 ONLINE cookbooks, that sell for only $5 each. 

Like I said, if you haven’t ever checked out her website, I suggestion you go there now.  I know there is something for everyone.  Even the folks that still chose to eat meat will find something yummy in her recipes.  And just think of it this way, it’s a great way to watch the waistline and eat wholesome goodness 🙂

Happy eating!!!



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  1. November 12, 2009 at 11:06 am

    I’m so touched.

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