A 16″ bike…seriously!?!

Yup, a 16″ bike is what Grandma and Popi bought the growing 4yo for his birthday.  And boy oh boy, does he ever love it?  All day, everyday, the only thing he wants to do is ride his bike.  And who am I to deny?  The weather is perfect right now.  That is until it gets hot again…HA!


This is Ashton just after Popi gave the bike to him, on Halloween.  He took it for a quick spin that night, but come on, a kid has to go Trick or Treating, so there wasn’t much time for riding bikes.

Oh yeah, I think I forgot to post what Daddy created this year….


Yes, he wrote Boo, in ‘Scary Larry’s’ mouth.  He is pretty talented like that.  OH, and he carved this little creation on Ashton’s birthday in Ashton’s CLASSROOM!  Yup.  That’s right.  More Daddy points.  It was Pumpkin Carvin’ with Dad day, so he did his masterpiece with 16 kids and a room full of Daddy’s (and me!). 

Ok, so back to the bike…here is Ashton the FAST bike rider 😉


Ok, so I do have video of this lovely adventure, but I have a splitting headache and need to change a poopy diaper.  Yup, I said it.  Poopy Diaper.  Are you jealous?  It’s got dimples.  Does that make you jealous?  Nah, didn’t think so. 


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