Cousins at a TC Football game ;)

Yesterday, for Ashton’s birthday, we had Howie over for the day.  Howie and Ashton love to play together.   Before the game we brought them inside to play the drums for a bit.  This is Ashton’s FAVORITE part.  I think Howie was diggin’ it 😉


Isn’t that a great photo?  And it was taken on a Blackberry!  What action 😉 

Then there was when both of them were beating down the drums…


Not long after…they found out they needed a rest, now this is after some SERIOUS running up and down the track at the football game.  Not sure either of them even noticed that the guys were playing football, but the sure noticed that they could run FAR…and we were cool with that 🙂


and a drink of water…


The night ended with Ashton becoming EXTREMELY tired and cranky.  OMG.  It was HORRIBLE.  He was crying and screaming in front of everyone, all for nothing.  Howie decided there was no way he wanted to be around that crying kid and asked to go home instead of spending the night.  I can’t say I blame him.  And since Ashton was fast asleep in the car, and no longer burning my ears with his tears, I thought it was a fantastic idea to keep driving. 

Oh well, I tried to make the 4th birthday special, instead, I’ve failed.  I’m done.  I am no longer going to try and fix it.  I’m over it.  Now let’s hope for a better Halloween, because I’m not sure I can take another day of meltdowns. 


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