Fall in Florida…

yeah, pretty much is NOT fall like at all.  Today our temps were 90 degrees with 94% humidity.  So what exactly was I thinking when I went outside and planted another Sunflower plant and then proceeded to plant green beans, dill, chives, and sweet peppers?

Yeah, I pretty much was not thinking at all.  But let me just say, when I went back in the house with a pile of sweat all over me, I reconcidered ever having that bright idea of playing in my garden at 4pm in the fall, ever again.

I thought I’d post some photos of our backyard.  To show my friend out in CO who is having about 12″ of snow this weekend what fall looks like in Tampa.  It looks PINK.  Don’t believe me?  Just see for yourself.




See and you thought I was kidding.  Our fall tree sheds it’s leaves, just like everywhere else in the world, only we get to enjoy PINK, instead of the natural oranges and browns and yellows that most people see in the fall.

Yeah, I like my PINK leaves, but the temperatures, I sure could do without.  They pretty much suck!  One more Halloween where we all will sweat our booties off.  Life is grand I tell ya.



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