Happy 4th Birthday sweet baby boy, Ashton!

We have begun celebrating Ashton’s 4th birthday, officially, as of today.  We decided today would be the day we picked out our pumpkin for ‘Pumpkin Carvin’ with Dad,’ at school on Friday. 


 Then we thought we would take Ashton out to his favorite Mexican restaurant for our family dinner for his 4th birthday.  We have always done Chuck E Cheese, but that place is a bit over-rated, and well, it’s not the cleanest one in our neck of the woods.

Tres Amigos did a great job.  They let him wear this super cool hat and take a funny photo.  He loved it.


Once we got home we decided today would also be the day that Ashton would get all his presents from us and his other family members who sent special things to him.  Again, since we are super busy on Friday, we thought it would be best to do this tonight.  A little less chaotic and time that we can enjoy with him while he opens all his gifts.


By far his favorite gift was this one, ❤ Mom and Dad…


it’s the I-Teddy.  And yes, Mommy downloaded all his favorite movies to it before he received it.  He is now happy as a clam sitting on the couch watching Toy Story 2.  He even burst out a few moments and said, “Thank you Mommy, this is the best pressent ever!”  I love you too baby boy!!!!

Now, tomorrow brings another game for Daddy’s school while Mommy goes and babysits a friends kids.  Then Friday is birthday fun at school along with pumpkin carving and then Howie’s sleeping over and another football game at school.  And finally Saturday is all our family over for cake and Trick or Treating.  What a week filled of FUN!!!


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