It’s a birthday party….HORRAY!

Well, that is how a 4 year old is supposed to have a birthday party right? But, this year, it didn’t work out that way.
Ashton was not feeling very well and ended up sleeping most of his birthday party.   He loved that all his friends came to his party, even though he was curled up in his bed, sleeping. He didn’t mind, as long as his friends were having fun.
2 things that I’ll never forget about the day. When Ashton woke up, after the party was over, he said, “Mommy, is at least ONE of my friends still here to play with?” When I told him everyone had left, he said, “Well Auntie is still here right?” Gosh, he sure loves his Auntie Aja, but even she had left, just moments before he awoke.

What a terrible idea it was to go through with the birthday party. But at the same time, it was the best decision we could make for him. He wanted that birthday party, terribly. He just could not understand how we could cancel it. He would have been heartbroken.

When Ashton woke up, it was time to open up presents!!!!


AT received so many wonderful gifts. It was great having so many kids in our home. I believe 15 of the 18 showed up 😉 That is amazing!!! I only wish our almost “4” year old, would have been able to enjoy himself just a little bit more.
Happy “almost” Birthday baby boy!!!

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