18mth STATS!

Finally, our littlest member of our family is growing up big and strong!!!!

I am pleased to announce, Ethan is no longer a member of the short club. He is now 29.2lbs and is a whooping 33″ tall. YEAH, ETHAN! And we thought you’d be a shorty for a long time. Nope. Not anymore. His height puts him in the 75th% and his weight stays steady at 80th%. His head is still off the charts in the 95th%. I swear, I make babies with BIG brains 🙂

He is still not talking but he now is making sounds for words, which leads me to believe that his vocabulary is well on it’s way. He can say Dada, Mama, and even Please, Thank You, and I Love You. But that is all. That is where it ends 😦 However, unlike his big brother, he is a dare devil. He will run fast, jump off things, and will get in trouble at the blink of an eye. He is 100% the opposite of Ashton. All the way down to, being a Mama’s Boy, unlike AT…who is a Daddy’s Boy thru and thru!

Ethan does take after Ashton in one area. He is VERY scared of people dressed up as characters that are on TV and who are BIG and TALL.

“Yeah, Barney, stay away. Far away.”

SpongeBob (who they NEVER watch on TV) “You better back it up dude…I have my Mom, right here!”

Spiderman, “I don’t know what you call that thing you wear on your face, but give it up. My Mom does NOT like it.”

And as for you Grinch, “You better stay AWAY from my brother, or when I grow up, I will HURT you. Mark my words!”


1 Comment

  1. Colleen said,

    October 2, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Don't feel bad, Barney scares me too =)

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