Emotional Day…for Mom…

Today Ashton got to meet his first ever teacher, Mrs. Denise. She is awesome. We put him into the car, started driving and he says, “Mommy and Daddy? Will you leave me at school with Mrs. Denise and let me have a sleep over?” Seriously? As if this isn’t hard enough on my heart and now you want a sleepover? “No, Ashton, we don’t sleep at our teachers house. We go there to learn prayers, Spanish, play outside, and use the computer. Then Mommy will come pick you up and you can tell me all about your day.” “Ok, Mommy, but I still want to spend the night.”
So we arrive. I’m completely fine. More than fine. I know we made the best decision for our family to pick private school and even waiting until Ashton is almost 4years old before ever sending him off without me. I am. I’m fine.

We get out of the car, and I can barely ask Ashton to stand by the gate that he is entering for the FIRST time. Yes, I’m crying. I was completely choking on my words, tears were coming out, and this is the best picture I could get 😦

He marches right into his class, as if he has been there a 100x, and finds Mrs. Denise and says, “It’s nice to met you Mrs. Denise. My name is Ashton Thomas R___.” OMG! Melt my heart. Again, tears are rolling out of Mommy’s eyes. Mrs. Denise bends down and gives him a BIG hug. Awww, see, why I like her? Yeah. Then she proceeds to take his picture where he has the BEST smile ever. Seriously, where are those smiles for me?
Mrs. Denise tells Ashton to go explore the toys. My child isn’t about toys. He is all about learning. He goes over fridge phonics, that he never plays with anymore in our house, because there babyish, and spells his name.

I had to blog it, and even more so, I had to video it. I’ll save you the time and not make you view how he then went on to spell Ethan’s name and so forth.

Next he looks over his shoulder and seen Bingo. He loves bingo. And this one is super cool. You play alone. You take all the letters in the cup and match them up to the boxes. He could finish these lower case letters in no time flat.

Ethan wanted to help too, but he was more interested in just being near his brother. Next AT spots the train table. Dude, we have the same table at home, so let’s do something else. “No, Mom, there are no trains, it’s a city table!” Yes, it is 😉

This is where Ashton met a few new friends in his class too. Although I do have photos, I’m not going to share them on the web. I’m not so sure those Mommy’s would appreciate it. He did walk up to many kids, tell them his name, and ask their names. Even 2 or 3 girls. I’m was utterly impressed. If you know Ashton at all, he is not a kid to play with girls, not yet. Except for Isabella, but I think she is exempt from this rule because he LOOOOVVVVEEESSSS her! hehehe!

Before we had to leave, he made sure to hit the kitchen. He made Mommy a pie and gave me a glass of water, while Daddy got pizza. Boy, he sure knows how to win us over.

So here is to a great first day of school. Not only for Ashton, but all the kids going back to school. And for us Mom’s who are either putting our child in school for the first time or are just having a hard time letting go after such an amazing summer.



  1. Patience IS my middle name ;) said,

    August 17, 2009 at 12:20 am

    It's an exciting time for our little children. Ronin and Ella start school for the first time tomorrow too. And Haley starts Kindergarten! WHAT????

    Hugs Tara.

  2. Hamilton Boys said,

    August 18, 2009 at 12:53 am

    That is awesome – love the video! you are going to make it tomorrow. he is going to have so many stories to share with you, and you are going to have some awesome one-on-one time with baby E. (((hugs)))

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