The love of cousins ;)

My boys cannot get enough of their cousin Howie. Maybe because he lives so close, or maybe because he lived with us for 2 months…whatever it is, Ashton and Howie share a bond like no other. Not only that, but they are happy to include Ethan in the mix, which makes Mommy/Aunt Tara, VERY HAPPY!
And as each day goes by, both of them grow up just a tiny bit more and they play together just a little better each time. They don’t see one another often enough, busy schedules, but they soon will see each other daily in the halls as they pass one another to go to their classrooms.
Howie is spending the night tonight because his babysitter has something she must take care of before watching him again. We were delighted to have him over. Our only fear, bedtime. But as long as you put him in his sleeping bag on Ashton’s floor, life isn’t so bad. Sure, he has come out a few times, I can’t really say I blame him, in a strange home and all…but there has been no chitter chatter, and no horsing around.
This Mom and Auntie is very proud. Oh, and the best part? They were in bed at 7:25pm, per BOTH of their requests. Yes, I just might be SuperMom…only today…tomorrow is a whole new ball game šŸ˜‰
dinner…don’t they look thrilled?

playing outside

Eating…because this is what Ethan does best šŸ˜‰


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