Teaching your son how to be a MAN.

by, Dave Hamilton.
A dear friend of mine wrote this on his Facebook page and I had to share it with the world. He is so correct, although I have to say, my MOTHER taught my BROTHER how to be a man. Not sure how she knew how to do that, but she did, and she did the most fabulous job EVER! I love you Mama.

The Absolute Biggest Problem America is Facing Today

It’s not the middle east, it’s not left or right wing politics, and it’s not global warming.

In one sentence it’s this:”Fathers are not training their sons what it means to be a MAN.”


I believe this with my whole heart.

Think about the issues we’re dealing with:

How to respect. How to treat women. What’s right and what’s wrong. The importance of courage, and integrity, and hard work. How to stand up for what you believe, no matter what.

And, how to answer one simple question, that so many other cultures honed in on:
WHEN does boy becomes a MAN? (ask a teen boy. He has no idea. And it haunts him.)

Most boys are left to figure these things out on their own, or worse: let the media tell them the answers.

And the absolutely VITAL component of a boy’s development, the love and encouragement from a father-figure… is usually left to the wayside by absent, or “out of touch” dads. So they go search it out somewhere else.

Although I have no experience in the world of gangs… I wonder what the impact would be if EVERY young man in America had a committed and engaged father in their lives. I think it would nothing short of astounding.

My brother and I were lucky, we had a dad who wasn’t just there physically… he invested in our hearts. he trained us. Prepared us for life. And he has never ceased from being my hero.

I just read the online blog of George Sodini, the guy who recently shot up a room full of women in a LA Fitness (before turning the gun on himself) in my hometown of Pittsburgh. Here’s an excerpt from his ramblings that stood out:

“My dad never (not once) talked to me or asked about my life’s details and tell me what he knew.”

I read once that 95% of death row inmates have terrible relationships with their dads.

And here’s a chilling fact:

Kids today will spend more time in front of the television BEFORE THE AGE OF 5 than they will spend face to face with their father THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.

Let that one sink in.Forget race, age, or socio-economic background. Let’s talk gender.

Men, step up and act like men.

There’s a whole generation counting on us.

Wow. Now that is some GREAT stuff. Thanks Dave for making us take a moment to think. Ok, so I’m not a Man, or a Father, but I am a Mother, and I should think the same things, just as a Mom. I have to teach my boys too.

Dave and his wife Renea are two of the most caring people I know. Do you know that just 3 weeks after I gave birth to Ethan, Dave and Renea decided to do the March of Babies in HONOR of our son Quinn? Yes, they did. They went there. Why? Because they love me 😉 Hehehe, not really, but, they love Q and E. And they knew it would help me. Did they think I’d walk? Probably not, being 3 weeks post pardom, but I did. The full 5miles. I believe I was on the BIGGEST high of them all. Why? Again, because of the love around me. My brother who was only in Florida for 3 weeks donated his time, my Sister in Law, who live with me through the birth of my sons Q & E went with me and even carried E when I was tired. My husband who was the biggest trooper of all of us, pushing a 50lb stroller along with AT and Howie (30lbers EACH) went…we all went. We went for OUR babies.

Ok, so that was totally side tracked. But it was for good reasons. Dave is a FABULOUS Daddy, to a growing 3 1/2 year old and to 2 GORGEOUS twin (boy/girl) 18mth olds. My brother who has an extremely important job in the USNavy gave up his time for his son and my sons….and then there is Daddy…my dear husband. Who would do ANYTHING to make me happy and to bring Q back into our lives…I love you!

So Father’s out there…reach, DEEP into your souls…find out what is important to you and share that with your son’s. They have the MOST important teacher in their lives forever, their Daddy’s. So do yourself and all this world good, and TEACH THEM!

Thanks Dave!!!!


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  1. Brooke said,

    August 9, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Amazing post. I totally agree!

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