Camera FOUND!!


Big props to Daddy for saving the day. After he got home from work, yes on a Sunday night, he joined me in the search for the missing camera. It was help or buy me a new one, our son is starting school in 2 weeks and I NEED A CAMERA! Important moments here people! LOL.

So Dad walks in the door, looks someplace on the counter (that is spotless!) and then goes to the laundry room, reaches up really HIGH, grabs the cooler we brought to the beach (remember the beach that I forgot the camera?) yea, and finds the camera in the cooler, in a ziplock so that it wouldn’t get wet or sandy. LOL. He too, remembers me saying that I forgot the camera. Apparently, I didn’t. LOL.

Oh well, it’s found. That’s what counts. And, my house is spotless. I went crazy. I cleaned everywhere. I would have bet money that the littlest member of our family some how was able to reach up to the counter and pull that little black string on the camera and go off with it, taking pictures. You know, because all 16mth old kids take pictures.

So the camera is found and today we will do something fun so I can take a picture my kids. Maybe Ashton will write his name again. After all, that is what got me looking for the camera in the first place. He writes his name (all letters now) so beautifully. This whole doing things without Mom’s help is hard on the heart at times….even dressing himself. Seriously.


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