Ashton’s having a sleepover!

Ashton took a lovely nap this afternoon, something that is pretty rare for this 3yo. When he woke up he seen that Mommy put his dinosaur blanket on him. He thought that was pretty nice of me 😉 So he decided he needed a sleepover.

A sleepover with Howie, of course! He took the changing table mat I had placed under his bottom “just in case” he had an accident while napping on my couch, and placed it on the floor of his room. He called this, Howie’s Bed. Then he took his blanket, and put it on know, just like his bed. Then he climbed up into his bed and took out his sports pillow, because Howie likes baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. Then he found out that I just washed Eeyore and added him to his bed. Gosh, now that sure is nice 😉

Now the only problem? He is leaving it on his floor until tonight, you know, when Howie comes over to have a sleepover. Yeah, well Howie is at school and then Aunt Dana will be working till rather late (12am) and I’m not so sure this little 3yo will ever understand that one. Poor kid, he sure misses his cousin.

Oh, and let me not forget that while I was folding his sheets he did ask if he could make a bed for Isabella. Yes, a girl. Yes, his best girlfriend. Well Isabella is not allowed in Ashton’s bed just yet. Gesh, this kid is growing up way to fast for my liking. Slow down.


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