July 31, 2004

5 years ago today….

5 years ago today, I married the man I call my husband. I also call him, “T” and Daddy. He is not only the Father to my children, but he is also my best friend.

Marriage is not something a person should take lightly. I’ve seen my friends go through ups and downs in relationships and each time, I look back at “T” and thank God that we found each other. When a person gets married they should think about if the person they want to say “I do” to will be the person they want to Father/Mother their children, grow old with, be with forever. Too often people get wrapped up in the idea of getting married. Anyone can get married. Not everyone can keep the relationship strong. It takes hard work, on both ends. It is not all roses. Just think of all the leaps and bounds a single person goes through. Now add in another adult and kids. YIKES! It’s enough to scare anyone out of their minds.

“T” and I have been through so much together. Before we were married it was my Grandmother becoming terminally ill. We then decided not to wait a moment longer for our wedding and moved it up an entire year early. 2 weeks before our vows, my Uncle, a man near and dear to my heart, passed away. He was supposed to be at our wedding, celebrating. Instead, he watched over us as we said “I do.” 2 months after that, my Grandfather, a man that helped my Mom raise me, passed away. He was a great man. A great man. A man whom I will always cherish. I miss you Uncle Vinny and Popi!

Then we were blessed with Ashton. He lights up our world everyday. Each day holds a new adventure, one we take on as a family. It’s amazing to see the world through a childs eyes. After 2 wonderful years with Ashton we decided it was time to expand the family.

This is where once again I was reassured that “T” is exactly the right person in my life. We found out we were pregnant (again) in July 2007. We were blissfully happy. In August, we found out we were having identical twins. Only with identical twins comes a world full of potiental problems, all of which were against our fighting boys.

“T” stood by me. Held my hand. Attended ALL appointments. ALL. ALL. Did you hear me? ALL. Not many people I know can say that about their spouse. “T” was there though. He knew I needed him next to me more than any other place in this world and nothing was going to stop him from being there for me and our unborn babies.

Although we lost baby Q, we know he is the angel looking over our family. Ethan is our constant reminder of our love and also of our angel in heaven.

I married my best friend. The man of my dreams. The person I belong with. I look forward to the days ahead and the years to come. The conversations we have yet to have, the places we have yet to see, and the memories that we will soon make. I married the “right” person for me. He completes me. And for that, I am grateful.

Happy 5 year Anniversary T-Money!

I love you!!!

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