Conversations with a 3yo, continues…

Ashton: “Mommy do you want a sister?”

Mom: “Do I want a sister or do you mean, you want a sister?”

AT: “I want a sister. Can you make me one right now?”

Mom: “I would LOVE to make you a sister.”

AT: “Well can you, now?”

Mom: “LOL, I’ll need Daddy’s help.”

AT: “You’ll need Daddy’s help? Ok, well I want one now, so can you tell him to help you?”

Mom: “Sure, I’ll get right on that.”

AT: “But Mommy, how does Daddy have to help you?”

Mom: “Ashton, OMG, there is a bird outside the window, LOOK!”

Yes, change subject FAST! At 3yo I am NOT preparred for this conversation.


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