Ashton’s new hobby.

**once again, blogger isn’t allowing me move photos…UGH….I think I’m going to change blog sites, I’m over this!**

Everyday we go to the gym Ashton insists on making Mommy a “special surprise.” Not only is it a surprise, he even hides it behind his back to make sure I don’t see it until he tells me he made me a “special surprise.” So far my special surprise has always been a piece of artwork made by Ashton himself. But last weekend Mommy taught him how to write AT. Not because Mommy was feeling the “teaching bug” in her come out, but because he inquired about it.

I’ve learned that Ashton doesn’t do much without wanting to do it. When I tried to teach him his letters some time ago, he lost interest and it made me upset so I just said, heck he’s a kid, he’ll come around. Well about 2 months ago he took to learning how to write his numbers. He is pretty darn good at them too 😉

So now that he has learned to write AT, everything is signed by the Artist himself. AT’s are everywhere. Well today I said, heck if he wants to learn AT he should learn ALL of his name. And in one day, I’d say he pretty much got it. He knows how to spell his name quit beautifully. We actually sing songy say it. A-S-H….T-O-N, A-S-H-T-O-N…it’s comical 🙂 But it works. And he knows how to spell it.

The letters “S” and “N” are still difficult and each time he’ll look at me and say, “Mommy, can you help me make an S? N?” Of course, then we do it together.

Not only has he taken to wanting to write his name, but he is also dressing himself. All of a sudden, these things are fun. Putting on his socks, under-roo’s, and shorts. His shirt he still has a problem with over his big noggin’ but he’s working on it. I’d have to say, this 3 1/2 year old stage has become quit the “boom!”

Oh, and Ashton wants to be a Mommy Doctor when he grows up. Yes, that is right. He wants to take care of Mommy’s. Me, Grandma (both of them), GG, Great Grandma Gracie, and Aunt Dana. And he insists that Ethan wants to be a Daddy Doctor. I’ll take whatever he wants to be as long as it’s not a bum. Could you imagine your child saying, I want to be a “bum” when I grow up? Yeah, that would break a Mama’s heart…HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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