Pennsylvania Vacation July 2009

(for some odd reason, blogger won’t let me move photos…so they are all at the bottom!)

Once again Popi and I decided we wanted to take the kids up to see Grandma Gracie before school started. Grandma had a week off in July and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape the everyday HOT Florida life.

We left Friday evening, July 10th at 6pm. Ashton and Ethan both surprised us by falling asleep promptly at 7pm only to wake up at 7am. We arrived in PA at 10am, only having the boys awake for 4 of the 16 hours really wasn’t that bad. Not but one time did we hear those famous words, “Are we there yet?” Of course, they came from Ashton while giggling just 20mins into the car ride. We thought for sure it meant a long journey. Instead they were angels. Never did I think I’d be able to use that word, but that is how I described them 🙂 They were fabulous angels.

Saturday we were pretty useless. Of course Grandma was looking out the back porch when we pulled up and had a grin from ear to ear. It is nice to see a 94 year old woman so full of life. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her own kids but to add Great Grandchildren into the picture, it sure makes her day/year. We hung out with Uncle Phil for a bit and then headed over to Aunt Pat and Ms. Julie’s house. Everyone was so excited to see the boys.

Sunday we had dinner at Uncle Phil and Aunt Elma’s house. Wow, what a gorgeous home. Aunt Elma saved all of Angie’s toys from when she was a little girl and the boys had the best time playing doctor, blocks, and cash register. Let’s not forget the soybeans, oh the soybeans. For MILES outside of the house is a soybean crop. And can you believe Uncle Phil has never tried a soybean? Nope. Never. Seems strange. After all, it’s mainly what I eat, being a vegetarian and all 😉

Monday brought a huge surprise. After looking at local fruit farms I took Ethan back to Aunt Pat’s for a much needed nap, for the both of us. About 2 hours later my phone rings. It’s my Mom. “You need to come to Grandma Gracie’s right now. We just had to call Life Alert (911) to notify them of Grandma’s chest pains. She is on her way to the emergency room. I have Ashton outside, but I don’t want him to see her and get scared.” I run and pick up Ethan and off we went. We were only 3miles away, so it really wasn’t a big deal. I pulled in just as the ambulance showed up. I walk in and see Scott. My other cousin. He said Grandma wanted him to take her to the hospital but he was scared something would happen on their way in. It’s best just to push the button. We are still uncertain what exactly what it was, but she did have chest pains. I believe the tests showed nothing abnormal for her. So 48+ hours later she finally came home. Thank heavens.

After leaving the hospital we found out that Grandma lost yet another 4lbs. She did not like the food in the hospital and she already doesn’t care much for eating. This brings her to 86lbs. Gesh. Pretty little. So she wanted to go to dinner but first she had to see the boys. They came and picked us up (the kids were napping) and off we went to Red Lobster. I think the hit of the restaurant was how much food Ethan can consume over Grandma Gracie. Let’s just say he at MUCH more than her.

After dinner we wanted to swing by a local soft serve ice cream shop that is known for their raspberry soft serve, while in season. What do you know, they had it. Grandma ate the whole cone!!! All of it. And she made me pick her up 2 extra quarts for the house. Hopefully she continues to eat it up.

We had one final lunch today with Uncle Phil. He just eats my boys up. Ashton loves to sit down and have lunch with him and ask him about his day. It is so cute to see. Then Uncle Phil made sure to give the boys a special little surprise for their piggy banks. Thank you Uncle Phil 🙂

24hours after picking Grandma up from the hospital we had to say our goodbyes and shuffle off, back to Tampa. Ms. Julie and Aunt Pat came by for a quick goodbye. They boys sure will miss the two of them.

Ashton woke up this morning wanting a BIG snuggle from Aunt Pat only to find out she had already left for the gym and work. He was devastated. He burst into tears for fear of not being able to see her again. So when she got off of work a tad early to give him those snuggles it sure made a 3 year olds day 🙂

Thank you Aunt Pat and Ms. Julie for making us feel so welcomed in your home. We sure will miss you but look forward to the day you want to come down and go to the “Mouse’s House” with us!!!

Ethan, Grandma Gracie, and Ashton

AT, Aunt Pat, and E
AT & E saying THANK YOU to Uncle Phil.

Scott and Ethan

Ashton playing slide on Aunt Pat.

Ethan, Scott, and Ashton

2 cute brothers

Mommy sharing her corn with Ethan.

Popi, Ethan, Uncle Phil, and Ashton.

Ashton just loves his Uncle Phil.

Grandma Gracie can’t get enough of the kids snuggles 😉

Ethan and Ms. Julie.

Aunt Pat seeing Ethan for the first time without his helmet!

Aunt Pat loves on Ashton. They are buddies 😉

When we first arrived. Popi, Ethan, Ashton, and Grandma Gracie.


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  1. Sara said,

    July 17, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    Looks like a great time, minus the hospital visit! Glad Grandma Gracie's out!

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