Pennsylvania here we come!

Me and the kids are off to see Grandma Gracie with my parents at 6pm tonight. We are in for a LONG night. 16hours of straight driving. I’m sure I’ll hear, “Are we there yet?” more times than I wish to count.

Grandma Gracie is my Step-Dad’s Mom. She is in her early 90’s and still going strong. She loves to see the boys and even more so, her own son. I’m excited to show them off again, 2nd time in 8mths, but I’m so not looking forward to the LONG car ride.

We leave at 6pm tonight and should be in PA around 10am tomorrow morning. That is, if all goes according to plan and if we don’t have to stop excessively. Thankfully, both my boys are terrific car riders and will sleep all night in their seats and besides the, “Are we there yet?” they don’t ask for much…well snacks, but you better believe they’ll get any snacks they want while in the car that long.

So, I’ll see you all when we get back. Oh yeah, we go to Disney the day after we return for my BIRTHDAY! Spending the day with the mouse, life can’t be any better than this 😉

We’ll miss you Daddy! See you on the 17th.


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