Happy Birthday America!

The “gang” getting ready for the parade!!!
Maddie, Austin, and Ashton .
So I’m a little late. I was busy, what can I say?

Friday was a super busy day for us. We spoiled Ashton with a little “stay-vacation.” We brought him to the YMCA for some one-on-one time going down the slides a million times, then we came home and packed up lunches for a picnic at the pool. And this is where we stayed for some 3 or so hours. Until AT’s eyes were so red he could barely keep them open.

Saturday we woke up bright and early and Austin joined us as we headed over to the Temple Terrace Parade. It started off great, until it rained and we were all soaked. But that wasn’t going to stop us or “rain on our parade!” hehehe. We enjoyed ourselves, rain and all.
Aren’t the hats and bags Ms. Jamie, Ms. Nikki, and Ms. Barbara made for the kids, cute?Ashton’s best bud, Austin.
Princess Maddie.Ethan, Austin, Ashton, and Owen waiting for CANDY!!! (Austin probably found some!)

After we were nice and wet we headed over to the Shuck’s house for some FUN times in the pool and a BBQ. We go there every year, and every year it just gets better.
Ashton loved the diving board, so did Daddy 😉Ethan made a new friend 😉

Can you tell he was tired?

Once we got home I decided Ashton had to see fireworks so we put Ethan to bed and Mom and AT headed out to the mall to watch them shoot off fireworks. It was great, we are only 5mins from the mall and we were able to park across the street to help eliminate some of the loud booms. Ashton loved it. Just as he did last year at Mickey’s Castle (Magic Kingdom).

On Sunday we went to the local farmers market and then to Grandma and Papa R’s house. We were all just beat from our weekend, but we had a lovely dinner with them and then headed home. The boys are going over for a spend the night with Grandma and Papa on Tuesday, 3 of their cousins will be there! Mom and Dad have a date planned…RENT at the Performing Arts Center 🙂


1 Comment

  1. Gemma said,

    July 8, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Looks like you were very busy!! I can see you all had lots of fun 🙂

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