Just some updates…

I haven’t been a very good blogger have I? First I’d like to say,
“Happy Birthday Howie!” The big 3 years old, huh? We sure missed you today. Ashton really wanted to spend your special day with you, but you had other plans 😦 Just know you were missed and we love you very much!
Next, well Ethan is cutting 8 teeth, and to tell you the truth, it pretty much sucks. His gums are so inflamed that he eats mostly peanut butter & jelly (and been burritos, see below), and well, that’s it. Even bananas he isn’t digging right now. Oh and his morning waffles. Now life would not be good without them 🙂

There is a lot of this going on….

Yes, Ethan sucks his thumb, but most of all, he sucks it while holding on to one of his 2 favorite blankets. If that isn’t around, then he’ll opt for Mommy’s dress/pants/shirt, whatever he can grab onto Mommy and keep in his hand while his thumb is firmly placed inside of his mouth 🙂 He is a true Mama’s boy!

Even with his nose pouring from these pesky teeth, he still manages to win my heart over and over again 🙂

On Saturday we got a new A/C, THANK YOU RYAN!!!! The boys played outside together walking up and down the sidewalk and riding bikes. Here you see Ashton being the most fabulous Big Brother in our households history 😉

Ethan has become quite the walker, but without his trusty brother friend, it would never have happened. They sure are bonded. And NO, he does NOT need a walker. He is just playing with this toy for pure entertainment. He walks very well on his own 🙂


1 Comment

  1. Gemma said,

    June 5, 2009 at 2:51 pm

    He is gorgeous, Tara – he is growing so fast!

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