Ashton Naps…

Only in the van…and how dare I disrupt a little boy sleeping. He sleeps great in the van! But it’s getting just a little too hot to be leaving him in the van….LOL. Yes, the doors were open and the house door was open, but I still left him in the van, in the garage, asleep until he woke up on his own. Mommy got to clean the floors during the 90min nap. This doesn’t happen everyday and I must take FULL advantage.

Oh, notice all the brown spots on his face? Yeah, that is Chocolate Chip Granola Bar crumbs. He decided to decorate his face with the chocolate that was on his fingers…again, not going to wake him up to clean him. I seriously had to pull myself away, it killed me to leave him dirty, but again, the floors needed to be cleaned..and it was my perfect opportunity!


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